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Park Dojin Love is an Illusion _____________ A lot of you have recommended this manhwa to me so I went and check it out, it’s so cute and wholesome 😭💕 here’s a simple cosplay for Dojin, he’s such a loving husband and father✨ _____________ Lens @momokolens [%off code: hakken]

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Close up☀️ Good morning _____________ Lens @uniqso (Urban Layer: New York Brown) Discount code: HAKKEN

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Golden hour☀️ been thinking about which look to do for Halloween, any suggestions?✨ Lens @uniqso Urban Layer New York Brown Discount code HAKKEN

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I saw everything you guys did for me, thank you♥️ don’t worry, I’m ok

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Mystic Messenger/ Jumin Han 【10·5】Happy Birthday Jumin🍾 bringing back Jumin on his special day, I was so excited to cosplay him again after so many years✨ I missed playing mystic messenger, those days waking up in the middle of the night for a new chat room🤣 #mysticmessenger #juminhan

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Some extra photos from the harness set✔️ I love how my hands look in this one

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The rest of the set✔️

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Suit + harness✔️

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“Paint for me” Yoon SeungHo Painter of The Night —————— Another one with the hanbok, I personally like this look on him the most. I got legit hanbok fabrics for his costume, cost a lot but worth every penny👌also fulfilled my dream of owning a hanbok😭✨ Lens from @momokolens 【discount code hakken 】

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Yoon SeungHo Painter of the Night Your paintings fill me with excitement A quick test Lens from @momokolens [discount code- hakken]

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Coming soon

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