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The future is (you)th

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Did you?

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Can every hour be golden hour

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When I learned that by 2050 there would be more plastic in the ocean than fish, I knew in my heart I had to do something to help us transition into a new way of living. Once I began to learn how my daily habits were contributing to that problem, I decided to educate myself and start making changes in my own life. I wanted to take the steps to a more conscious lifestyle and learn how we can truly harmonize people and planet. Though I’m definitely not perfect, I deeply care about making the world a better place for us and our future generations. I believe these micro changes can create macro change if we all come together. This led me to co-founding @FutureProsperity. For me, Future Prosperity is about creating a path for the world we want to see through consumer products that replace major waste streams and conversations on circular futures. We need to each step into our potential, now more than ever. We need each other, we need to keep learning, and we need loving spaces to help us become our own heroes. changing our consumer behaviors is just one approach to tackling this global issue. What does a prosperous future look like to you?

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My women!! Thank you @forbes for the beautiful article. I’m so proud of my team. Countless zoom meetings, 10000 slack messages and so much love put into @futureprosperity. thank you for all your hard work. Love you ladies- this is just the beginning! Link in my bio to start your regenerative journey and help us make the shift our planet needs.

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I am so so so proud to launch @FutureProsperity along side a group of badass women!! The journey begins in our regenerative marketplace: We recover 1 POUND of ocean bound plastic for EACH ITEM you buy with our partners at @plasticbank Stay tuned for more details. I am so honored and grateful for the last 7 months building this company with my amazing team. This is just the beginning!! REGENERATION (film) I Creative Directed this film with my business partner @heyvanessablack Directed by @jordyout & sound @wherestidus Words by @alliemichellel

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After surf sunburn

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Jungle vibin

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In da clouds

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My favorite time of day. @cibellelevi

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welcoming our newest warrior @scarlett ! This girl is sunshine in human form. Today is also the first day of our 30 day challenge. Sign up through the link in my bio to join the challenge and welcome Scarlett to our community ❤️

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