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Bài viết cá nhân Alexa Grace

Summer memories with my gal pal 🧡♨️💫🧡 #hotspringjunkies #visionquesting

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Autumn in the Eastern Sierras 🍂🍁🏕 #bridgeport #monocounty

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Looking back at our latest girl’s trip. Lots of love for these ladies & all of our adventures💜🌅🔮☮️

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Treehouse fun for our last girl’s trip🏕

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Throwing it back to my last vision quest✨ Looking back to a little over two weeks ago, I was tossed into the biggest emotional release journey I have had in a very long time. Which made me slow down for a pause, re-evaluate/ re-establish my boundaries, and nourish myself deeply into the fresh ‘lil babe that I am emerging into. I don’t exactly know what this rebirth is or where it leads but it feels intense and exhilarating⚡️

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My heart grieves for the many forests around our state that are on fire. But somewhere deep inside I know that Mother Nature knows what she is doing. She is resilient! While the forests might look a little different, and I may never see them in all of the same majesty, I know that She will rebuild, regenerate, and flourish once again.🌲💚✨

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Swinging into the weekend like...

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Getting ready for another glamping trip has me reminiscing on my last. This dreamy A-frame cabin will be hard to top 🏕

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Liquid light 🦋💦#healedandcleansed #sacredwaters

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Thank you for 50% of the best genes 🧡💛

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There is very little that a hot bath outdoors won’t fix 🛁🌲

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Lay me down on a bed of Lavender 💜

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