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draw some doodles over a photo by @charmtrue.lee 🌼

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Глаза цвета апероля.🍊 Will there be at least a single flashed photo without my pupils be looking like there’s a fire burning inside or nah?

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안녕 안동 난 안젤리나 백번봐도 안질리나.

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You can forget me here.🌾🌞

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Always choose nature. Put it first, if not for the nature itself, but for you and your future. Learn to understand and live in harmony and balance with it. It gives us so much, but all we do is take. Let’s start taking care of it instead, and appreciate it more together. We are the same big living and breathing organism. We can’t exist without each other. 🌳⛰🌊🌧

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A little goodnight from sleepy Angelina. ☽

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new video on my YouTube channel! 𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚔 𝚒𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚋𝚒𝚘 ♡︎

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Your coffee delivery is here. #출근길 #대한외국인

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Пошли мы как-то раз в горы на рассвет посмотреть. 오늘의 새벽 5시 등산. Today’s 5 am sunrise hike proved me, once again, that I’m definitely a very mountain person, for sure. Whatever it might mean. Although couldn’t have done it without my powerful sweet chatter box outstanding smart neverthesame fabulous business boss ass sexy ladies @kayktorrison @sissel_ab 🧡🌿⛰ can’t wait to develop this mountain film as well #woopwoop #인왕산 #선라이즈 선라이즈 한국말로 뭐지?!..🥴

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When your eyes match the plant. #greenenergy

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«She was alone, but not lonely.»

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Angelina picnic mode.jpg p.s. I believe I couldn’t even see where I was going Ношу с собой только все необходимое-Ангелина.

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