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just wanted to thank everyone that supported my hiatus for this long! ✨ i’m proud to say i’m officially back to recording tomorrow, hopefully i can make beautiful looks everyone can enjoy and learn from again! ❤️ thank you for staying by my side! ✨❤️😭 •forest blue lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu)

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spooktober is officially on! 👻 since i’m not entering any contest about makeup EVER again for the sake of my sanity- let’s do it in a softer way! gimme some themes and maybe i’ll pick one up and make it sp00ky for halloween! 👻✨ •wig @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) #booette #boosette #booettecosplay #boosettecosplay #cosplay #anzujaamu

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who knew i’d miss going to the campus 💀 •wig @youvimi •cherish blue lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu)

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b-day girl! 🤪 24 now ❤️

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it’s been a while! i’m sorry for the absence, and honestly... i’m going through a hard time and feel very depressed lately. i decided to start therapy again since it helped me get back on my feet before, so i’m hopeful about my next sessions! will do my best to work on nice content this week for you as well 🥰 i decided to not promise on certain dates since it makes me very anxious and sabotages my work, so i will just do my best and post them as i go! 🥰 OH! and i have two days until my birthday! 😱❤️ •wig & pants @youvimi

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originally posted this to my stories, but u guys liked it so here we go 😌 would u like to see more mirror outfit shots? 👀

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my hair says isabelle from animal crossing but my outfit says bubbles from powerpuff girls 🥺 a new GRWM video is on my channel! link in bio! ✨💕 •rio blue lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) •wig @aliexpress •top @bubblestokyo •overalls&hairtie @youvimi 🇹🇷 yeni video yayında! link bio’da 👁✨ altyazılı ama umarım beğenirsiniz! 💕✨

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kind of feeling like isabelle from animal crossing with this hair 🥺✨ also my new vid is up on my second channellllll ✨ link is in bio! •rio blue lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) •wig @aliexpress •overalls & hairtie @youvimi •top @bubblestokyo 🇹🇷 türkçe kanalımın ilk videosu yayında!! ✨🥺 link bio’da, umarım beğenirsiniz! 💕

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new video and a little announcement is up on my channel! ✨🌱 link in bio! 🥺 •firefly green lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) 🇹🇷 yeni video kanalda! türk takipçilerime küçük bir sürprizle ✨🌱 link bio’da! 🥺

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i really loved this look so imma spam you a little bit more, please bear with me 💔 •devil blue II lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) •wig & uniform @youvimi

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boleyn girl ✨🌙 •firefly green lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) •wig @youvimi •necklace @boleyn.crystal •dress @the_cottagecore

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the Q&A video is up!!! you can also meet my puppy Jason in the video! 🐶 the link is in bio ✨ •firefly green lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) •wig @anibiustore •ring @boleyn.crystal 🇹🇷 soru cevap videosu kanalda ve çoğu türkçe konuşmalı! ✨ köpüşüm Jason’la da tanışacaksınız 🥺 link bio’mda! ❤️

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the prettiest dress & golden hour 🥺✨ •wig @youvimi •necklace @boleyn.crystal

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aren’t we all?? •cherish blue lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) •wig & top @youvimi

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it’s giveaway time BAYBEEEEEEE ✨ (don’t mind the typo tho 💀) we are holding a wig giveaway with youvimi again with TWO winners!✨ all you need to do is: •follow @anzujaamu and @youvimi •like this post on both accounts •tag a friend in the comments! the winners will be chosen next thursday and it is worldwide! good luck! 👀✨ •wig, top, skirt @youvimi

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don’t make me cry 🥺✨ have you seen this look’s video on my youtube? it’s inspired by @douxfairy, and the link is in bio, don’t miss it! 🎀 •devil blue II lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) •wig&uniform @youvimi •hairpin @aliexpress

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anime tears 🥺💧 the video for this look is up, link in bio! 🎀 thank you so much to @douxfairy for the inspiration and giving me permission to recreate it! ❤️🥺 she is amazing! •devil blue II lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) •wig&uniform @youvimi

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a full shot of demon girl 😈 just went for a two color coordinate, what do you think? 👀 •barbie hanabi purple lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) •wig & horns @youvimi •jumpsuit @morph8ne_official •boots @demonia.shoes

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I DID IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!! 🎓 HONEST TO GOD I THOUGHT THIS DAY WAS NEVER GONNA COME i had lots of lows and even considered dropping out at some point (which cost me a semester 💀) shoutout to my mom, dastan, and my friends for supporting me when i hit rock bottom 🥺 AND ofcourse shoutout to you guys as well! we literally went through this together and I LOVE YOU😭❤️

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a new look! 💜 demon girl makeup tutorial is up on my channel now! join me from link in bio! 😈 •barbie hanabi lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) •wig & horn @youvimi •jumpsuit @morph8ne_official

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fighting girl! 🥊✨ new video is up on my channel finally, and your girl is getting her coin! 😂 also long time no see! 🥺 i missed you all so so so much and i’m finally back because I GRADUATEDDDDDDD!!!! this means more content will be on it’s way, let’s fricking GOOOO✈️✈️✈️ link in bio! •queen dark blue lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) •wig @youvimi

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older Anzu vibes? 👁 •poppy turquoise lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu)

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ow, the edge! •cherish blue lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) •wig & top @youvimi •goggles @esqape •ring @rogueandwolf

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a mini throwback! sorry for being absent lately, but i’m about to graduate soon! (fingers crossed💀) i have a new vid coming this week so please look forward to it! ❤️✨ •wig @youvimi

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i like this photo a lot! 🥰✨ •wig @_dream_holic_ •starry green lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu)

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did u miss the goth gf? 👀 •wig & firefly blue lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu)

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did you miss me? 🥺👉👈💕 sorry for being absent, i’ve been working on settling into my studio lately- and i’m happy to say most of it is finished! so i’ll be posting a lot more from now on, including videos every week! 🥺💕 i hope everyone is happy & healthy! ✨🌿 •cherish blue lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) •wig&top @youvimi

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i finally did a look on dastan(my bf)!!😂 turned him into beelzebub from obey me, but now he also reminds me of kyo from fruits basket! 💕 maybe we can cosplay together in future since i have tohru’s outfit? 👀 i want to make a vid of me doing his makeup later, i think this really suit him! 🥺❤️ #beelzebubobeyme #obeyme #kyosohmacosplay

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this is my second time trying a Chinese traditional makeup and Chinese-style clothes! this time it is all thanks to famous makeup artist Mao Maoping’s brand Maogeping for giving me this opportunity with their beautiful makeup line inspired by ancient China, and the elegant Chinese-style clothes they sent me as a gift! i hope i did it to justice! ❤️✨ PS: I love and respect China’s historical traditions, and I wanted to do a Chinese style makeup as I was gifted a beautiful Chinese-style clothes and Chinese tradition themed makeup products! Enjoy!

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slap like and the 🅱️ASS right now!!! ALSO I’M BACK BISHES •cherish blue lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) •wig&top @youvimi •goggles @esqape 💕

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soft sakura cheeks video is live! link in bio! 🌸 HAVE CHUBBY CHEEKS? NO FEAR! JUST SLAP SOME FLOWERS ON THEM AND CALL IT A DAY ✨ •cherish blue lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) •wig @youvimi

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a bonus booette at these trying times 👻!! will do my best to drop the new vid tomorrow, only a little bit edit is left! ✨ •sweety super red lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) #booettecosplay #boosettecosplay #booette #boosette #cosplay

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watch out i’m an elf 🧝‍♀️ •cherish blue lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) •wig @youvimi •goggles @esqape

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boo! have you seem the tutorial of this makeup? it’s on my channel right now! 😆💕 •poppy turquoise lenses and wig @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu)

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i will be streaming today on twitch.tv/apricotgrill ! if you want a shortcut, go to my stories 📺💕 •wig @youvimi •poppy turquoise lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) •top @trendyolcom 🇹🇷 şimdi twitch.tv/apricotgrill ‘de yayındayım! üşeniyorsanız link story’mde! 📺💕

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have you seen my Tohru cosplay from Fruits Basket? 🍙 i even have a tutorial on my Youtube! :3 you can go to my channel from bio! 💕 •snow brown lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) #fruitsbasket #fruitsbasketcosplay #tohruhonda #tohruhondacosplay #cosplay

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new video is up! i tried a look inspired by my Dragon Raja avatar and played the game a little bit as her 👀 have you heard of the game? made me cry in the prologue like a baby lmao 💀 link in bio! 💕 •wig @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu)

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i’m this 👌 close to start making dumb tiktoks help me 💀 this quarantine got me feeling some kind of way •wig @youvimi •poppy turquoise lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu)

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fruits basket! my tohru honda makeup tutorial is up on my channel, link in bio! 🍙 and the ultimate question... kyo or yuki? 🐱 🐭 •snow brown lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) #fruitsbasketcosplay #cosplay #tohruhonda #fruitsbasket #tohruhondacosplay

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do you miss going out? 👀 i’m working on this week’s vid now, it will drop this weekend!!! ✨ i think by next week i can go back to my concept shoots AHH!! 😭💕 •garnet blue lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) •wig @youvimi

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well then it’s throwback time! also, new vid dropping this friday! 🥳 ALSO: WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!! 💀 •geo Xtra lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu)

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how is the social distancing going? it’s pretty much the same for me, but i avoid the malls on purpose now! ;; we just moved so this week we will settle in the house and i will post more photos and videos to cheer you up! ✨💕 stay safe, i love you! 🧿

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a little bit oldie but also goldie you know? the vid for this makeup is on my channel too 👀💕 also i’m moving this sunday! so by next week i’ll start posting almost everyday! ✨

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sewing myself! 😝✨ i really miss @elifsfunfair 🥺

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sorry that i’ve been a bit absent lately! 💕we are moving to the new house around next week/i’m also working on a project for april for you all! i’ll try to post more often now and even some stories as i’m moving! 😝❤️ then we are bacc to weekly/daily schedule! ✨ •poppy turquoise lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu)

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i’m gonna eat chu! 👻

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with or without fangs? 👻 •sweety super red lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu)

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booette video is upppppp! link in my bio 👀 •sweety super red lenses @uniqso (discount code: anzujaamu) 🇹🇷 yeni video kanaldaaa! 👻 link bio’da!

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kis mi 🥺 a new video is coming tomorrowwwwww, i wonder what it is? 👑 👻

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i will be moving soon! i’m so excited, i can finally do a house tour this time 😭💕 🇹🇷 yakında taşınıyorum ve çok heyecanlıyım!! sonunda bir ev turu gelecek sanırım 😭💕

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