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me on my way to remind u all to vote early and also on my way to switch them positions for u

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positions out now 🤍

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positions out now 🤍 directed by @davemeyers

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positions out now 🤍

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positions 📁🤍 single tomorrow night 〰️ 10.23 presave now

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strauss delivering my ballot

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turning in these mixes and reminding u again to register to vote if u haven’t already / to vote early

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thank u so much for having me @ladygaga i love u with all my heart always. u were so beyond brilliant tonight. so grateful to have been a part of this with u. & thank u again @mtv. 🖤 :)

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happy VMA day ::) so excited for u see our first rain on me performance tonight ! @ladygaga is fucking incredible and i’m so honored to share this moment with her and u all 🤍 also just want to say thank you to @MTV being so diligent in making this such a safe & healthy experience for all of the performers and crew involved. it’s so greatly appreciated and i can’t imagine how difficult it was to figure out! see u all so soon! 🌧

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happy VMA day ::)

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new fragrance r.e.m. available now on 🤍 in stores 8.30

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rain on me with @ladygaga live from the #vmas august 30th on @mtv 🖤

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lost n found 💧

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holy shit thank u all so much for listening and caring at all let alone this much. i can’t wait to give u new things to listen to. 🤍 now can rihanna pls drop her album so she can rightfully snatch this back and fill my ears again please or ....

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happy second birthday to my favorite baby sweetener 🤍

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was holdin my tiddies up with the other arm thats cropped out

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grateful / smothered with gloss

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REM fragrance 8.19 @ultabeauty 🤍

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hello love u

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congratulations to my sweetest dearest friend @victoriamonet on the release of an absolutely stunning and perfect project Jaguar 🖤 🐆 !!!!!!!!!!!! i love u with all heart and can not put into words how proud i am of u.

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hbd to my baby my best friend my fav part of all the days :) i love u

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happy august 🖤 vote

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100 days out. tell a friend. 🖤 link in bio to register.

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happy birthday my dingus my pringus my liz! i love u so so so much. i’m so grateful to have shared so many of the most important years and experiences of our lives with each other. we’ve seen so much, sang so loud (too loud) and laughed so hard (often when we weren’t supposed to). i cant wait for so much more! 🥺 i love u & wish i could be there to celebrate and hug u. happy birthday!

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last week 🌧

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been waitin for the right moment to drop this heat .... my baby girl Coco by @alfredoflores

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