🧿Isabella Khair Hadid🧿
Palestinian & Dutch
Love , NYC

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are these satisfying to watch?

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In ur heart u know what’s right ...☺️

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Halloween is mf here you know what that means @samvissermakeup Guess what I’m gnna be🤓

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Day2night @versace

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I’m just super proud of @kalenayiaueki @jheydamc @mayajune @haleighnickerson , @samonezena @michaeltyronedelaney @zamarvelez for putting this non profit together. Makes me seriously proud to stay in the arts. We should always be keeping our eyes open for new great Black creatives and I feel so happy to see a place/people that are allowing a physical and metaphorical space for just that. They are working to create an abode for black creatives , young and old , to learn , explore and create in a space where their stories are a priority not a minority. I’m going to add the link in my story for their Go Fund Me. They are still in the beginning phase of this great idea and just need a bit of help to get kick started !!!! PLEASE READ THROUGH THE SLIDES FIRST!!🖤🖤 Did you know that it was only 2 years ago that Vogue hired the incredible Tyler Mitchell as the first Black photographer ever to shoot their cover ? ....Did you know, Across the 100 top films of 2014, only 5 of the 107 directors (4.7%) were Black. One Black director helmed two pictures and only one was female. Only 45 Black directors have been attached to the 700 top‐grossing films – In 2015, only 4 of the 107 directors were Black or African American (3.7%) This should have never and shouldn’t ever be the case. Black creatives are the reason fashion, art , and essentially everything continues to be “reinvented” . There should NEVER be a reason to not have Black or bi-racial creatives on your sets. Ever. I made a promise a few years ago that I would never go on a set again with only one type of person. It’s about representation for all. It’s not only doing a disservice to yourself and your projects, but a disservice to these people & the artistic ideas that are floating through the world through our beautiful multi - racial youth. Black people have been the unpaid content creators of the industry’s “mood board” for too long ... it’s time to change that🤞🏽Keep an eye out for @blackimagecenter They’ll be doing a load of great things , I have so much faith 🖤

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3D scan

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Yo.... WHAT!?!? Everyone on this page right now has to watch this full video. What a trip!!! All of these humans worked so hard on this - Both The 3D digital and real version of me says Thank U! I LOVE U ALL & YOUR BRAINS! 🖤 Creative Director @cadwallader Film director @florian.joahn Stylist @haleywollens Casting @julialangecasting 3D direction @andreiwarren Jewelry @lorette.coleduprat for mugler Hair @vpintomoreira Make-up @ingegrognard Nails @sylviemacmillan.nails Music @lukas.heerich Music artists @0800shygirl @aishadevi5d Production @compulsoryview Local production @akassi_productions 3D production @misatostudio Editor @sara.digibeater.faulkner Post Producer @ghandiec Featuring @arrriish @bellahadid @madamedebrashaw @boyfall.out @limtrf @kai_isaiah_jamal @lidia.judickaite @rayamartigny @xumeen #mugler

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We need to spread awareness on what is happening in Nigeria right now. Innocent people were killed tonight protesting for an end to police brutality. There is no ignoring this. Do NOT turn a blind eye. These videos are absolutely horrific. Rest In Peace to the lives lost and really praying for everyone experiencing this right now. . #endsars #endpolicebrutality 💔

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@les_communityfridge Grand St between Pitt and willett go drop something off if you are around , pick something up if you need it ❤️

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