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Not the result we want, now is time to reflect and get stronger for the next game! #mufc

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Another dream come true and crowned with a great victory in the @championsleague 🙌🏼 An honor and an enormous privilege to have been captain of a club like @manchesterunited , an unspeakable moment of strong emotions for me 🙏🏼 Believe and fight for your dreams every day until you can live them with your eyes open ❤️ #championsleague #mufc

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Best caption wins 🤪 #championsleague

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Great result and performance today lads 🙌🏼 amazing reaction after all 💪🏼 #mufc

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Vitória muito importante 💪🏼 Sempre bom voltar a jogar em alvalade 🙌🏼🙏🏼 Obrigado a todos os presentes que nos apoiaram e a quem o fez desde casa também 🇵🇹

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Preparados para amanhã 💪🏼 #portugal

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🇫🇷 x 🇵🇹

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✈️ 🇫🇷 @portugal

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Bom estar de volta para representar o meu país 🇵🇹

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Represent this big football club as we did today is not enough! We apologize with all the fans for this big lost at our home! Time to bow our head, reflect and do much more for us, the club and fans!

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