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LOST MY SHORT HAIR VIRGINITY!!!! I’ve had long hair all my life it’s TIME TO FEEL THE AIR ON THESE SHOULDERS BABY photocredit: @shawnmendes ❣️❣️❣️❣️

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All I can say is: watch this documentary. I learned so much. Tell your friends about it. Spread awareness. Let’s take action before it’s too late. @davidattenborough’s witness statement #ALifeOnOurPlanet

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IT’S RETURN YOUR BALLOT DAY! If you are choosing to vote by mail this election, complete your ballot and mail or drop it off ASAP. Whether you’re using first class postage, returning it to your local election office, nearest polling location, or designated ballot drop box, don’t wait!! Make sure your vote is counted!! Check out some vote by mail tips below or head to my stories for more info! 🖊 Use the correct ink color 💧 Do not place your ballot on a wet surface — no water marks on ballots! 📆 Write the complete date (10/13/2020) 📝 Sign your ballot and make sure it matches the signature your state has on file 🙋🏻‍♀️ Double check to see if you need a witness signature

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cuz it’s latin heritage month, and also cuz my choreographers who are also my family and the best people in the world @calvitjr and @sarabiv launched a new clothing line called @rulesdntapply and im here to support and dance like a fool in their clothes (they didn’t choreograph this otherwise it would be a lot better LOL) love you

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everybody’s journey and experience with mental/ emotional health is different. I wanted to make a quick video talking about my journey and some tools that have helped me in case they might be helpful for some of you who may be watching.The thing that’s helped me the most is doing research and empowering myself with the knowledge of how the brain works and what is happening inside me so I don’t feel so caught off guard when strong emotions come up. Learning little by little about the science behind the brain and the nervous system makes it so I’m less scared of how i feel and can implement tools (for example, deep belly breathing, grounding myself in my senses - see, touch, hear, feel, smell). I’ve learned about the neuroscience behind trauma response and the vagus nerve and that when I feel stress/ anxiety, my body thinks it’s under a threat and is actually mobilizing to protect me, so I don’t get mad at it anymore, I just remind myself I’m safe. There’s so much information that has empowered me to know my body and my brain better so I can be in the drivers seat. This isn’t a one time thing, it’s something i work at everyday, but it’s worth it. There are so many things that affect our mental health, traumatic experiences, emotional abuse, being in extremely toxic environments. There’s systemic oppression, discrimination, inequality, that have been going on for far too long, not to mention financial troubles that have only been made worse by a global pandemic, and countless more things that affect our mental health- but i wanted to share my journey and some of the tools that have helped me take my power back. Healing is a lot of work, but don’t let anybody tell you it’s impossible, even if it feels like it right now- you will be stronger, wiser, and a more compassionate human for it. I’m committed to doing my best to help others as much as I can while working towards healing myself. Let’s de- stigmatize conversations around mental health, mental illness, and trauma so we can help each other heal and also take preventative action. 💕💕 (PS I know I’m a day late but I wanted to post anyways hehe)

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Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay! I am so excited to turn over my stories to three incredible grassroots organizers who have been advocates for mental health, especially in the activism space. Alejandra Gomez from @lucha_az,  Angela Lang from @blocbyblocmke, and meditation facilitator, @OMgirlAlli, who will be sharing about their work and how we can create space for people to talk about mental health. Check out my stories to learn more 💕💕💕

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finally home. 😻 taking a phone break but just wanted to pop in to say HELLO !!!! because we got a job to do! voter registration deadlines are right around the corner and it’s our responsibility to show up and make sure our voices are heard in this election. registration deadlines are happening now so double, triple, quadruple check your voter registration status right now!!!!! head to my stories to find out your state’s voter registration deadline and for more information on how to register!

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last day of being a freakin badass rebellious dreamer princess! Today was our last day wrapping @cinderellamovieofficial. I mean. I’m so grateful to have had this experience and so grateful to our crew and team for making it possible (and completely Covid safe!) during a pandemic. I can’t wait for all of you to see this movie, it has a message I believe in so much and has so much love, joy, laughter, and magic ❤️ to @kaykaycannon our brilliant leader and director! We did it! thank you for your belief in me and for giving us this beautiful journey, on and off screen! To @j_corden thank you also for your belief in me and giving me an experience of a lifetime,I mean.. it’s cinder freakin rella . To the cast, dancers, choreographers, music team, crew, i love you all so much! ❤️ I can’t wait for you guys to see, I always pictured you guys behind the camera and how I hoped this film would make you feel and it motivated me and inspired me every day ❤️

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the world could use some magic, beauty, and Wonder always, but especially right now. @shawnmendes what a gorgeous gift to the world. He’s crafted this album with every last bit of his soul, his spirit, and his essence with the purest of intentions. My love, I’m so proud of the person you are and I’m so excited for people to see and hear your heart. ❤️

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Please take a couple minutes out of your day to watch this. It affects us, it’ll affect the future of our children, and all life as we know it. Thank you so much @davidattenborough. The natural world around us is not just “nice to look at”, the human species has so quickly risen to the top of the food chain and we have such an intricate, complex world as human beings that we forget nowadays that we ARE nature, we come from nature and the life force that makes up everything around us. Humans are a product of the natural world . We are not separate from it. this planets health isn’t just “the planet’s health”, it’s OUR health, the only home in the galaxy that we know of that provides the conditions for there life to exist. We are not separate or bigger than nature, and we have to reverse this damage before it’s simply too late. If this makes you anxious, it just means you’re paying attention. Now let’s do something about it! Which bring us back to this election and the importance of your vote and making our voices heard, because the future of our planet is at stake.

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Happy birthday to this guy!!!! ! He plays the prince in our Cinderella film, (spoiler alert: it’s quite a different take on the story 👀👀) and it’s his BIRTHDAY today ! Can’t wait for u guys to see us be this stupid on the big screen 🥳🥳🥳🥳 love you lots nickster

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