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Bài viết cá nhân Camila Morrone

Thank you to my friend @salmahayek for coming to my home to have an open conversation about the importance of our vote. The Latinx community has the power to sway this election. Let’s unite and make our voices heard @votolatino #enlalucha

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Today, I learned that I touch my face way too often and need to work on that. But more importantly, I VOTED. (from the comfort of my home & it was easy)✌🏻

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masked up ✔️ voted ✔️ @iamavoter #bidenharris2020

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a much needed reason to get dolled up! thank you to the women at @chanelofficial and @virginieviard for inviting me to your show (from the safety of my home!!) it’s so refreshing to feel semi- human again. 🖤

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Adopt a husky, they said...It’ll be fun, they said... #adoptdontshop

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Being Latina has been such a big part of my upbringing and culture. This election, more than ever, we need our Latinx community to get out and VOTE. I am very excited to be working with @votolatino and to be on Instagram Live tomorrow simplifying and discussing the ways in which my community can make a difference. #latinxheritagemonth

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pls ignore the dog beds in the back and instead look at my cute new mini 👛@coach #CoachxBasquiat #CoachNY

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social distancing like a mf

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that one time i had hair and makeup

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friendly reminder to register to vote 🇺🇸 for this next election. we need a leader that protects this beautiful country #bidenharris2020

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