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u up? ••••••• Wednesday night at 7pm ET I will be live phone/text banking with @runaapi and @asianaaf for Georgia. Never phone banked? Neither have I! We will learn together! Go to the link in my bio to sign up. (Yes these are bts from season 7 of me working very very hard on set)

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i don’t miss bras or real pants I’ll be honest 📷 by @graphicsmetropolis

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HOOPS. If you’re a woman, you’ve jumped through them your whole life, just for equality. And the fight continues, now more than ever. So @shiffonco & @whenweallvote created these dope ass VOTE hoops, each pair funds critical voter out reach. And they are super cute y’all. Political chic. So ladies, let’s turn the fuck out this year and VOTE. (link in stories for the hoops 💋) #HoopsToVote #wearthechange

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Happy birthday to my beautiful momma. ( btw she’s spending her birthday alone in Haiti right now, working at her clinic, others literally ALWAYS come first for her, even on her birthday) —She’s one of the most selfless and focused people I’ve ever known. I truly don’t know how I ended up only caring about myself with severe ADD, but here we are I guess! Anyway I digress, If you guys want to donate to her clinics that provide healthcare to both the Haitian and Dominican communities go to @c_empowerment to donate! And happy birthday momma. I love you. 🤍🤍🤍🤍

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Happy 60th birthday to my dad. I love you so much.

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We. Are. Not. A. Fucking. Virus. I can not tell you how many Asian American friends/family that I have, who’ve called me in tears overcome with anxiety and fear due to the uprising of racist rhetoric that “OUR PRESIDENT” is single handedly igniting around the country (NOT just with Asians, but with EVERY minority). This should not be fucking acceptable. @runaapi * EDIT: for all the idiots in the comments who are saying “ItS Fr0m CHiNa, ItS n0t RaCiST” I know it originated in China. But ya know what, today, I’m really tired and I don’t have the emotional bandwidth to explain to you why/how this has been hurtful to the AAPI community. I’m not a fuck face whisperer! So please just unfollow me I really don’t care! Bye thanks!

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Pre mask + Post mask 💋

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The Matsuda family posted this sign outside their store in 1942, as they were being forcibly evacuated and moved to incarcerated camps for being Japanese American. Asian Americans no longer have to prove their Americanness. We are redefining and writing our own narrative on what it means and looks like to be an American, starting with this election. —— We at @runaapi joined forces with the undeniably fierce team over at @phenomenal to bring you this sweater, inspired by the Matsuda sign. —— (A cute, oversized, socially conscious, politically active, cozy look for fall? Yess pleaseee.)

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That’s not chill, you guys. Not chill. Let’s change that. Get hyped. Get registered. #TheNew (Link in my bio to get registered 👆🏼👆🏼✌🏼✌🏼🤙🏼) @runaapi

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Me on my way to the @runaapi Instagram...tomorrow we’re dropping some fun shit. Look out.

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Ladies, we have work to do. Rest in power. The fierce iconoclast queen. We will continue to fight.

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This day last year I premiered my first film at TIFF, dressed in a ball gown with some of my favorite people. Today, I laid in a pool of my own sweat, while eating ice cream until my body started to twitch.

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