Cristiano Ronaldo

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Let your confidence talks😉

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Thursday style! 😉

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“El éxito en la vida no se mide por lo que logras, sino por los obstáculos que superas” 😉💪🏽

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“Não deixes aquilo que não podes fazer atrapalhar o que podes fazer”😉

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É como se estivesse aí! Vamos Malta! Força Portugal 💪🏼🇵🇹 #todosportugal

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Unidos dentro e fora do campo! 🇵🇹👏🏽👊🏽 #todosportugal

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Grande trabalho de toda a equipa!👏🏽 Continuar a trabalhar com o mesmo foco, só assim ficaremos mais perto do nosso objectivo! 🇵🇹💪🏽 #todosportugal

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Here we’re again! 😉 🇵🇹💪🏽 #todosportugal

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Obrigado @nikefootball These boots are beautiful and I cannot wait to wear them for my next @portugal match to celebrate my career milestone! ⠀ #nikefootball #teamnike

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Muito feliz e orgulhoso por atingir a minha 200° internacionalização com a camisola do meu país! 🇵🇹💚❤️🙏

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Excelente trabalho equipa!👏🏽 Continuar a trabalhar com a mesma atitude e ambição para conseguirmos o nosso objetivo principal! 💪🏽 Obrigado pelo apoio, juntos somos mais fortes! 🇵🇹💪🏽👊🏽

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É sempre um sentimento especial representar o nosso país!🇵🇹👏🏽💪🏽 #todosportugal

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Good morning! 😀❤️ #blessed

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Do you ever wonder what you would say to your younger self? Watch for a look at the new Nike Mercurial Dream Speed 3 and to see what I would say about my own dreams 👀 @nikefootball #dreamspeed #mercurial #nikefootball

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We never stop chasing our dreams. What will you do to make them come true? Tell me! @k.mbappe @samanthakerr20 @ansufati @ahegerberg @jessiicasilva10 @erling.haaland @wulei_wl7 @barbarabonansea @vinijr @brunofernandes.10 @nikefootball #dreamspeed #mercurial #nikefootball #chaseyourfast

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The game is the reflection of training! ⚽️💪🏽 #focus #finoallafine

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Be bold. Be brave. Be confident. Never let your anxiety hold you back. What about you? Tell @clear.haircare three traits that define you. #ComeBackStronger #KeepAClearHead #ClearMen

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Today is a full moon! Want to win a year’s supply of CR7 GAME ON? 

Head over to @cr7cristianoronaldo and enter the Shoot for the Moon Contest. GO!

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Determination. Drive. Nutrition ⚽️ Behind my performance is #HerbalifeNutrition @herbalife24 #CR7Drive

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Mineral 💦😉

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Not the result we wanted, but with this collective spirit we will be stronger than ever! 💪🏼👊🏼 #finoallafine

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Reading time! 📖 Living and learning! 😉👏🏼

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Work hard play hard!💪🏼👊🏼

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A good recovery is the key! 💪🏽

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It's always good to start the season with a win!✌🏼💪🏼 Well done team👏🏼 #finoallafine #forzajuve

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The new season is coming! 😀💪🏼 Are you ready? 👊🏼 #finoallafine #forzajuve

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Happy To Win The IFFHS World's Best International Top Goal Scorer 2019! 🇵🇹 🇮🇹😀💪🏼

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Safe, amazingly beautiful and incredibly stunning, for me Madeira is already the best Island. Vote for Madeira Island as the Best European Island 2020. I have already placed my vote, and you? Lets go, let's take this award to my home Island @visitmadeira

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What a beautiful 🌅🙏

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Good feelings! ⚽️💪🏼

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Family Time is the best🤩🙏❤️

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New season. New challenge. Build your resilience with @clear.haircare #ComeBackStronger #KeepAClearHead #ClearMen

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What a beautiful way to reach my goal 100! 🇵🇹⚽️👏🏼

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Obrigado a todos os meus colegas, treinadores e staff da seleção que me ajudaram a atingir esta marca histórica. 🇵🇹👍🏽

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Orgulho enorme nesta marca histórica ao serviço da nossa seleção! Quando me dizem que posso chegar aos 100, eu digo que não chega...1⚽️1 golos por Portugal 🇵🇹 🙏🏼❤️

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Preparados para amanhã!🇵🇹💪🏼

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Feliz por estar de volta! 🇵🇹💪🏼

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A nossa história faz-se de conquistas 🏆e momentos únicos para todos nós! Amanhã iniciamos a defesa 🛡do título da Liga das Nações 🌍. Por vocês, por nós, por todos, vamos Portugal 🇵🇹 💪🏼

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I’m really proud to present my new fragrance CR7 GAME ON. The night will never be the same again. #CR7GAMEON

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A new fragrance is coming at @cr7cristianoronaldo . Get ready. The night will never be the same again.

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Life is better with your loved ones 🙏❤️ Enjoy all the moments with love and hapiness! ✨ @georginagio

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Together we are the future of football. #YouCantStopUs Can’t wait to lead my country in the new @nikefootball @portugal jersey. Throwback to when we could still get close together. But please make sure you keep following social-distancing guidelines in your area to stay safe.

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É sempre um orgulho estar de volta à selecção nacional e defender o símbolo da nação de todos os portugueses! 🇵🇹👏🏼💪🏼 #todosportugal

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Felling good 😉💪🏼

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As I’m getting ready for my third season as a bianconero, my spirit and ambition are as high as ever. Goals. Victories. Commitment. Dedication. Professionalism. With all my strenght and with the precious help from my teammates and all of the Juventus staff, we work once again to conquer Italy, Europe and the World! Breaking records. Overcoming obstacles. Winning titles and achieving personal goals. To do more and better once and again. To reach higher and to succeed in all challenges that may come our way. Making every year into an adventure better than the one before and winning everything for our fans and supporters. To be the bearers of this amazing and unique passion that is Juventus, and to live up to it’s history, elevating our name, our values and our standards as high as possible. We are Juventus! We are the Champions! We are back and stronger than ever! We are counting on you! All together! Fino Alla Fine! 💪🏽

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One of the secrets to success is to have a healthy eating. Find my favorite recipe in the Mange Comme Un Champion collector's album and download the app so you won't miss any secrets! #Football #HealthyFood #Recette #ActForFood #MangerSain

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New season is coming 💪🏽

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