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This is Dakota, James, me and Max. Our best friends since the beginning. Sidewalk chalk and playing spies were our fav. pastimes.

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Expectation vs. Reality

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Happy 47th Birthday George Floyd. He should be here today. 🕊

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That #voteearly glow !

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Man do I miss this. @thebelindabromilow and I dancing at The Great’s wrap party.

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C is for the Coolest day, shooting with my fellow California girl @mastergia for @ccaliforniastyle🦶🏻🔮🧡

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A socially distanced shoot with some four legged friends! 🌾 To be standing tall on your cover is a fantasy fulfilled. Thank you @vanityfair ❤️ and @janceedunn for your beautiful words. Our zoom call conversations were so fun, open, and almost completely glitch free 🥳

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Proud to partner with @vespuccigroup @jessicawapner and @cadence13 to explore the world of the internet ONE CLICK at a time.

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Eczema but make it eye shadow 😜

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Happy Birthday Gaba! Best grandma in the world, world’s greatest hair, and Lewellen’s favorite. I love you. 🌼

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#NationalBestDogDay AKA #NationalLewellenDay

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