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Hooray! 🥳 I won an @xbizofficial in nomination “Female Clip Artist of the Year”❤️ Thank you for your support, you're definitely the best, guys! I have the coolest community in the world 😘

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Journey doesn’t stop! I visited Cide city with the big antique theatre and very old culture. Next station is Cappadocia ❤️ Photographer: @destabi838547

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My trip continues! 🥰 I tried swimming in the ancient Cleopatra’s swimming pool 🏊‍♂️ Legend says that water in the pool has healing effect 😏

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I was in a wonderful place - Pamukkale 😍 And of course I made a lot of cool photos, check the first one😉 Swimwear: @lapetitemort

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Halloween is coming 🎃 @pornhub launched a new “viewers’ choice” contest and you can vote for your favorite models to help them win 💥 That means that I have a FREE Halloween themed video on my PH channel and you can give your vote to me 🥰 You can find a direct link in my Twitter. Hurry up, this cute little witch is waiting for you 😉

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@pornhub awards 2019 preparty 🥳 Love you, guys! #evaelfie #phworthy

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Amazing meet with El Niño Polla on Pornhub Awards #evaelfie #jordienp #phworthy

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You know this girl, don’t you? 😉 #phworthy #rileyreid #evaelfie

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I love this photo and you? 😊

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Так круто и волшебно очутиться в американском парке аттракционов на Хэллоуин!🎃 Что может быть масштабнее? Весь парк тематически украшен, различные новые аттракционы со страшилками☠️ И самое жуткое это то, что твой страх постоянно подпитывают актёры, которые неожиданно появляются в устрашающих костюмах и пугают тебя😈 Кошелёк или жизнь?👻 ⠀ It’s so cool to visit American amusement park during the Halloween🎃 The whole park is decorated and there are many new different rides with jumpscares!☠️ And the most terrifying is the thing that there are many actors in costumes trying to scare you😈 Trick or treat?👻 ⠀ #evaelfie #newaccount #travel #sixflag #halloween

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I have new account Snapchat 👻 Follow me eva_elfie, cool snaps every day ✨ #evaelfie #snapchat #followme

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I guess it might be the best Halloween costume 🎃 #evaelfie #newaccount #halloween #travel #usa

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Джетлаг надо мной победил! Спать по 3 часа ночью и потом ещё просыпать весь солнечный день, это вообще не мой режим. Как вы входите в режим после долгого перелёта и большой разницы во времени?✈️ ⠀ Jetlag is killing me. 3 hours of night sleep and after that also an all day sleep, that’s definitely not my choice. How do you deal with the jetlag?✈️

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Последний день в Америке! 🇺🇸 Мне кажется, что все эти три недели был райский сон. И думать не хочется, что завтра я прилечу в холодную Москву. Теперь появилась новая цель-мечта: приехать ещё раз в Америку и на подольше 💥 Last day in USA!🇺🇸 Now I feel like those three weeks were just a dream of paradise. And I don’t want to think that tomorrow I will return back to cold Moscow. Anyway I got a new dream now - come back to States again for a little bit longer!💥 #evaelfie #newaccount #travel #usa #california #venicebeach #losangeles

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Once upon a time... In a Hollywood #evaelfie #newaccount #travel #usa #hollywood

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My personal star on a boulevard ⭐️ #evaelfie #newaccount #travel #usa #hollywood #star

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It’s Hollywood, baby 💥 #evaelfie #newaccount #travel #usa #hollywood

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I’m so happy because I’m on Malibu beach 🏝 Sweet weather ☀️ #evaelfie #newaccount #backup

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Los Angeles in my heart ♥️ #evaelfie #newaccount #travel #roadtrip #losangeles #usa

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So happy to be a part of this awesomeness😎 #pornhubawards #evaelfie #phworthy @pornhub

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Next station San-Francisco ✨ #evaelfie #newaccount #backup

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Check my US account @theevaelfie ✨ #evaelfie #newaccount

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Вы знали, что в Москве уже снег шёл?❄️ А так хочется туда, где тепло ☀️ #evaelfie #newaccount

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9-26th October I’m in America 🇺🇸 Ph: @andreamete #evaelfie #newaccount #followme

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What to see in California?🤷🏼‍♀️

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Guys! I have good news😊 I have a visa in USA 💥 #evaelfie #newaccount #backupaccount #followme

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#evaelfie #newaccount #followme

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Mu photo from @istripper.official 💥

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I am very happy to return to Instagram again 😉 #evaelfie #newinstagram #followme

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Guys! I’m here 💥 #eva_elfie #followme

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My main account is blocked 😭 Please follow my new page ❤️ ⠀ #eva_elfie #followme

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This is my new backup account✨ #eva_elfie #followme

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