i love yous 💗

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obsessed with these @shiffonco x @whenweallvote earrings that represent all of the hoops women have jumped through to bring us the right to VOTE. we’re less than 20 days away...are you ready??? #hoopstovote 🧚🏼

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i’m so excited to bring emily back for another wild ride... @dickinson season 2 premieres JANUARY 8 on the @appletv app!!! 😈

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hi from us x

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sending you all love and positive vibes 💕 been working on a few things for ya 🥰📹

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250 of you registered to vote through the links in our bio’s, so naturally we went live and baked focaccia gardens. If you haven’t registered to vote yet...DO IT NOW!! ❤️ @annabaryshnikov

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I’m gearing up to vote in November and YOU. SHOULD. TOO! I’m also teaming up with with my angel sis @AnnaBaryshnikov to bake a very @Dickinson inspired treat. So let’s join forces and do it together so we can all be #GoodToVote. If 250 people register through our link, you can join us in the kitchen on IG Live. Follow the link in my bio to register!

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wavy baby ☁️🧚🏼

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home workouts are on another level now...courtesy of @petesteinfeld 💪🏽👊🏽

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with only 75 DAYS LEFT UNTIL NOVEMBER 3rd (‼️) the time is NOW to be sure that you’re registered to vote and to get ready to #UseYourVoice. don’t wait, check/update your registration and make your voting plan with @WhenWeAllVote and @UniversalMusicGroup today‼️‼️

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The Bella’s are back… for a good cause! There’s nothing perfect about the world we’re living in. Families around the globe are suffering from the impact of the #COVID19 pandemic, especially those in Lebanon who are facing crisis after crisis. But we can all pitch in and help. The proceeds from the downloads & streams of our rendition of “Love on Top” will go to @UNICEF to help children in Lebanon and around the world who need our support right now. Click the link in my bio for more. #ForEveryChild #Beirut #COVID19

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challenge accepted. 🤍 thank you @marielhaenn & @tanyarad! i would be nowhere without all of the incredible women in my life. forever grateful. 🤍

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