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Its finally turtleneck weather again!!

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October = more dressing up! I'll be trying to do a lil more themed posts for this month 🤭

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How guys imagine gamer-girlz to looks vs how I actually look

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Instagram is going on a rampage against anything even remotely sexy it seems from seeing so many people (and my own) stuff being flagged so here is me in a turtleneck

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Its not October yet but im seeing Halloween posts everywhere! I'm excited for Halloween this year, all the spooky goodness, non of the social obligations that normally give me anxiety...!

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What flavour milkshake do you like? I'm a big fan of chocolate... but I had a really amazing coconut one once!!!

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Are you ready for Autumn yet? Or do you want these summer nights to last a bit longer? 📷: @thephotographer

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I haven't done many outdoor shoots... but if there's one thing I've learned is a lot of people hike on canyon runs...

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My favorite part of summer are my blue dungeree shorts 🥰

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Finally able to touch up my hair again! I also got all the dead end bits cut off so its a tiny bit shorter now.

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I try out @irvinsaltedegg potato chips for the first time! marketed as dangerously addictive, I risk my LIFE to danger and addiction. wait. no. Anyway Enjoy the video!

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#ModernRenaissance #justouttheshower #morningvibes

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Bathroom selfies are the best selfies, prove me wrong!

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Ahh didn't realize its been a week since my last post? Sorry sorry I'm really bad at updating IG haha 😄 August went by so fast I'm reeling to be honest? But hey time moves faster when you're having fun!!

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Its hot outside senpai, stay inside with me where there's AC

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Why does lipgloss make me look like a babies doll thats literally the only thing I changed i'm so confused

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Did anyone else always have a crush on the dark vibes girl in cartoons when growing up? Because I definitely had a thing for Shego in Kim Possible and Sam from Danny Phantom

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Summer = sweaty

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I think neon might be my current obsession...

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Hey hey everyone! Miss me? Jks jks. Can you believe it's already August?? Where does the time go?! July was super fun and busy for me, and I kinda forgot about IG 😅. I'm really getting into bright colored lingerie at the moment although I only have one or two. Time to grow my collection! If you miss me too much come find my on Twitter where I'm much more active haha.

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Haven't posted in a while, might delete. Jks jks, I find it hard to be consistent on IG 😅

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Master please feed me some of your life force! Do you like my lil succubus look? I hope to do a proper shoot with this look sometime! I think she'll be a new OC but I need to come up with a name for her... any suggestions?

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Soft and cuddly

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I know it's a british pastime, but can we please talk about the weather?! One moment it's scorching hot and dry, then it's cloudy and humid so I'm sweating my tits off and by the time it's bedtime I feel like I've been through it all. Except rain. Why doesn't it rain in SoCal??

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This is my favourite summer dress!

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Hey, it's me, your squishy gamer gf. Jks I'm not a gamer I just really like this chair.

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🥰 full of love for all the amazing people I have in my life, I know I wouldn't be where I am without the huge amounts of love and support you all give me! Extra special love to my friends in other countries right now too, can't wait till I can travel again and see you all 🥰

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Absolutely no way I'm keeping this pic up but it's 2am, I've done a lot of stupid things in the past hour, and I'm way too tired to find a better, more appropriate photo atn

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This month has completely flown by, can you believe 2020 is already half way done? This year has felt super surreal. I'm holding onto every good moment that happens and looking for the positives. What's a positive thing that's happened to you this year?

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Every day I'm unpacking boxes but it never seems to go down 😝

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Its been almost 5 years since I last had my hair in this style 🤔 i wonder how many people that follow me remember that time? Of course this account wasn't even created back then (RIP my original IG) . . . I hope my posts bring a smile to your day! Lots of love Harriet xoxo

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Hello sunshine, the earth says "there is no going back to normal".

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There are so many ways to contribute and help, if you're not sure where to start please go to

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Good morning from my son and I 🥰

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Lack of updates recently due to the fact I’ve just spent the last two months in the same room and I’m pretty dry on any creativity. This is just me waking up this morning, although I prefer to sleep in just panties, I keep a cardigan near by to put on so I can open the door for my puppy to go out and do his business.

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I’ve been told I have a great head shape for wearing hats. And helmets.

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Good morning to all my Europeans, good afternoon to my Asians, and good evening to my Australasians! I’m currently not asleep at 2am so if you’re in the America’s I guess you’ve got a horrible sleeping schedule too 🥺

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I was trying to do something different with my face and I can’t decide if I like it or not.... new bunny girl set for my onlyfans tomorrow! Check out my story to get your hands on it 😘

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Me realising I don’t know dafuq I’m doing in terms of posing or taking photos... but still trying me best 😤

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This was a good morning post but actually I’m now going to bed so goodnight 😌

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Are you all staying comfy during quarantine? 🥰

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I decided to go all out on my makeup today! What do you think? It’s a completely different look isn’t it? I want to take a bunch of pictures before I take it off haha

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Remember the virgin killer sweater? This is the 2nd version but I heard there’s a 3rd version available now?! I want to find it!! Also I started streaming so check me on twitch! My name on there is harrietsugarcookie :3

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This quarantine period should be renamed “Harriet posting throwbacks” period... I hope everyone is staying healthy and looking after themselves! Let’s all get through this together ❤️

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I miss my IG basic bitch phase sometimes but I don’t miss the upkeep. Pretty happy being a slob in my pjs 24/7 atm

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I need to be more consistent with posting... and also sleeping! Is anyone else struggling to maintain any sort of regular sleeping schedule during the quarantine?!

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#throwbackthursday although it’s technically not Thursday for another hour here... I miss this mirror! Getting a really nice big mirror is on my most to do list as soon as all this crazy stuff cools down... so I guess maybe next year?! This photo is from almost 4 years ago?!

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Throwback to when I had blue hair! Blue was such a fun colour, but it’s a lot of commitment... because it’s super hard to get your hair any other colour afterwards! Looking back my makeup and hair style has really changed in a year 😦 I didn’t even recognise myself at first!

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Wassup everyone I heard today was 02 day so throwback to when i did the cosplay with @phunamation who made a very cute genderbend version! I don’t actually have any good photos of this cosplay haha 😅 . Hope everyone is doing well! I’ve had some problems with my ear recently, going to try and see a doctor tomorrow... . . Hopefully will be more active once I get whatever’s wrong fixed! #02022020 #zerotwocosplay

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