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📸flash flash flash📸 ?

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【 Look This Way 】 This my team And I love them . Honestly, it was tough and stressful. And handling so many things at once was not easy. Getting out of our my comfort zone was not an easy thing to do, it was a challenge, but this challenge made us all stronger. I’m blessed to have this opportunity. . And I hope the best to all young dancers. Seniors should show love, encouraging them, supporting them, and also give out advice or knowledge on what they need to improve on. Because I believe they ARE the future, they are the NEXT. . Thank you to everyone. . Thank you @kinjaz @_anthonylee_ @v1nh @franklinyu82 @bam_martin @charlieguy___ For building and exploring with me. Making me stronger as a person. . #TEAMWANG #LOOKTHISWAY #王这里看 #blessed

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🐺Pretty Please Dance Battle🕺❤️ hosted by me The Kinjaz @kinjaz 88rising For my new single < pretty please> with @wearegalantis !!! . Can’t wait to see what you guys come up👀😯 . . @88rising for details on how to enter!! .

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【 TEAM WANG x MONET 】 . Today🙏 . @teamwang @teamwangdesign . #TEAMWANG #TEAMWANGsparkles #TEAMWANGxMONET #blessed

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【 TEAM WANG x MONET 】 I hope you like this piece I created🙏 Very honored to present this to you all. “ new hope, limitless & infinite possibilities” in a world with no boundaries So far yet so close No restrictions to our thoughts . Hope I can show you more sides of me Always wanted to create something different Different perspective & angle of viewing things And expressing it through different bodies of work At the end of the day, it’s art Let’s link and connect with what I create Showing more and more, the inner side of me Not only the commercial sides on shows Want to walk with you through what’s the world like in my brain❤️ . Again, very Blessed and honored to join Art Exhibition of 【 Impression Sunrise by Monet 】 Launch is tmr🙏 . 希望你们喜欢我做的这个作品 🙏 很荣幸可以展示给你们 “ new hope, limitless & infinite possibilities” in a world with no boundaries So far yet so close No restrictions to our thoughts . 希望可以展现我的另一面给大家 不同的角度去观察与感受而通过不同的作品去表达 属于自己的世界,自己的艺术 希望可以展示给到大家 不只是幕前的我 不只是节目上的我 很想带着你们去看 我真正脑子里的世界是怎么样的❤️ 再次表达真的非常感恩可以有这一次的合作 Art Exhibition of 【 Impression Sunrise by Monet 】 明天就来了 . 너무나 영광스럽습니다 여러분 이 작품 좋아했으면 해요 TEAM WANG x MONET 저의 다른 모습 보여드리고싶었어요 티비/예능 통해서 만 아니라 다른 모습 도 정말 보여드리고싶었어요 여태까지 기회 많이 없었지만 앞으로 더 많은거 보여드리겠습니다 Art Exhibition of 【 Impression Sunrise by Monet 】 내일입니다 . @teamwang @teamwangdesign . #TEAMWANG #TEAMWANGsparkles #TEAMWANGxMONET #blessed

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IT’S LIVE NOW😳 @teamwangdesign ✖️ @stockx Every step is our history. Let’s make history. . @joshluber 🤫 . #stockx #teamwangdesign @teamwang #TEAMWANG

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Im happy and blessed to live everyday doing what I love🙏 #PashadeCartier @MAISIE_WILLIAMS @RAMIMALEK @TROYESIVAN @WILLOWSMITH

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PRETTY PLEASE 👏 ✖️ @wearegalantis . OUT NOW💥 . Give Love A Chance❤️ . https://TEAMWANG.lnk.to/PrettyPlease . First of all! Thank you and it was really an honor working with the legend, It was really fun and I really hope we can meet one day! @wearegalantis all the love !!! . It really was a tough process for production, From me writing the treatment, directing it to execution was a challenge. Fighting against time, trying to put everything together. But really thanks to @_anthonylee_ @kinjaz @v1nh @franklinyu82 @chad.mayate for the amazing choreo CONGLIN & Push media & 88 to work hard together. @sinostage for showing love to all this. @ihannofficial for recording this with me thank you! @teamwang thank you for all of you working so hard backing all this up to make it alive . A very very big thank you to all the people who show support and love to me all this time, it means everything to me. Without you all, I wouldn’t be here today, it motivates me to keep trying to break my own limit and Boundary everytime, and I always want to be better and better to make you all proud. I love you all. Real real. . Hope you like “pretty please” It’s OUT now. #PrettyPleaseJackson #TEAMWANG

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PRETTY PLEASE . -TMR- SEPTEMBER 4 12:00 am EST 12:00 pm Beijing . #PrettyPleaseJackson #TEAMWANG

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