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Don’t even know where that glow came from 😅🤣🥰

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“Hardship brings out the best of us” 🦾💪🏻👌🏻✊🏻🙏🏻👅👄😷😝 We will get through this bae @suzymeridian

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Back to the origin... #throwback #oldself

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Me staring at my work schedule these days..

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If you guys wonder what I’ve been up to during lockdown #workoutforlife

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I’ve missed you guys and the life without quarantine so much lah 😢😔

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When was the last time you went out for a swim? Me? It’s been....aaaaggggeeesssss!!!!! 😥😢😭

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what to do while staying in?😝😝😝❤️

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Me these days, sleeping beauty kinda vibe. In light of the Covid thing, please stay safe all my fans out there, share some tips in the comments so everyone can take care of thếmlves. #stayhome #staysafe. Love ya’all 💋❤️

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Don’t mistakenly look into those eyes, you’ll be hypnotized for life...

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What do you want for Christmas? Someone or something? 🎄🎄🎄❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋

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How’s your Christmas lighting looking? Mine is sorted, what do you guys all think ;) 🎄 🎄 🎄❤️❤️❤️

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Kissy Kissy Little Missy 💋❤️👄☺️😘

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What for lunch lah...any recommendation???🤔🤨🤣

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Young, wild and free orr.....young, dumb and broke (by Khalid) 😂🤣👋

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One kiss is all it takes 🧡..and nooo KiKi don't luv ya 🤣😂😅😆😋

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One of my latest work, sorry if I spam your lovely feed too much...T.T😅😆

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sneaky shot of me and my besties, many moreeee to come stay tunes guyssss!!!💪🏻

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Ignore everything else, this is my ig grrrr👺😾😙

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Me being tired while on air, this is one of manyzzzz😞💕🦄💕

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Just casually strolling on the street lel 🖤 💕 💕

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Back 2 school lol

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Better pose?

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Never look back but well, there's a bunch of BBQ food right behinddd meeee ARGHhhh 😒

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It was a hot day with pretty nice weather

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Thinking about you so hard babe Mr. 500k Followers, please come true to me soon lah...#mr500kfollowers

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Young, wild and free orr.....young, dumb and broke (by Khalid) 😂🤣👋

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How do you get tanned QUICKKKK??!!!🤨

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Sometimes you just have to slow down and look back..

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Gotta love the sun in this weather <3

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Oooh hey handsomeeeee 😉😄😅😁🤣

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Too much to think ughhhh

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Enough with urbanshoot, decided to do a natural one haha

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See, here we are, at the very last photo of our photoshoot, will be releasing more content so stay tunes guysss 😄

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Yissss one last one before we put an end to this album <3

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Oooh no 2 more, not yet, let's take in all that goodies then take a rest, 2 more photos til we jump onto better thingssss 😆

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Nearly there guys, hang in there with me 😅

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Tadaaa nearly finish the whole album hehe

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You're still in mah dream dun worry, this is me, the day we hit 500k Followers :)). Please help me get there you lovely hoomannn 😅😆🖤

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What do you want me to do when I hit a new milestone? Just thinking 🤔

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Still wishing of that 500k Followers so please follow me if you haven'tttt #sorrynotsorry 🤣🤣🤣😅

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Looking at that 200k Follow and thinking of the day I get to 500k LOL 🤣

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Does it worth hanging onto all these feelings?😕🙃

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How am I looking? Be honest yeah 😋😉

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Another day, another photoshoot 🤪

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One day you'll realize how lucky you were hun..:'(

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@jessievardie Babe I'm real

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KiKi do you love me lol

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Time to get back on track I guess

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My facial expression these days...😒😔😟😶

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