Daughter of Thanos. Killer of men. Fan of fish fingers and custard.

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Bài viết cá nhân Karen Gillan

🦅 #dualmovie #day2DONE

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Clearly Nebula’s first high five

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Throwback to my visit to Russia to screen my directorial debut film! Excited to make another one in the not so distant future....oooooo

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Oh hi New York. And Minion. ⛵️

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Back at it!!!!!! @bobbyeliot @beau_nelson

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I’m late posting this however...here I am watching the new @prada show lockdown style. Thanks for the shortbread. And the invite. But mostly for the shortbread. Bloody well done from me and my getaway sticks. #PradaSS21

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These are what cows look like where I’m from. Thought you should know. #scotland #highlandcows

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Turn your speakers way up. Just dropped my new single “Hemsy’s Going Down” let’s make it hit #1 on the charts. I am playing in the @agboleague fantasy football charity league again and thanks to @fanduel there is a $1M prize pool up for grabs, I am playing for my charity @mikeysline_ @chrishemsworth you are going DOWN. #AGBOSuperheroLeague presented by @fanduel

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Here is a picture of me looking sad holding food

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Finally finished my next screenplay! I know I’ve been saying that for ages but THIS TIME IT’S FOR REAL! So I’ve gone into a forest and I’m drinking whisky and these feel like excellent life choices. Cheers 🍻

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