just grateful.

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Bài viết cá nhân Kehlani 🍯🔥

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scot fuckin louie. @scotlouie 👨‍🍳💋

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always pho-ever 🍜

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fashionably late with @givenchyofficial @matthewmwilliams // @scotlouie ⏳📸

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HAPPY MF BIRTHDAY to the man that changed my life! the man that doesn’t get enough credit for being a mastermind behind some of our favorite entertainment moments. a man who’s been nothing short of resilient in the face of a lifetime of criticism, doubt & moments to be anything but strong. thank you for teaching me about giving unconditionally. thank you for showing me you can love and love and love in the face of hate. thank you for being a father figure to me in such pivotal moments. y’all have no idea how many lives this man has saved.. some faces you recognize and don’t even know the story. before we could provide for ourselves he put food in our stomachs, clothes on our backs, roofs over our heads without ever mentioning it publicly, never asking for the recognition. to a true giver, a true lover, a true fighter. happy birthday dude @nickcannon an angel on earth!!!!! your lessons apply every day!

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true stories from the queen @victoriamonet thanks for asking me to slide. 🍂 loving you always. #TouchMeRemix

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focused on fire. bringing the heat. @mooseknucklescanada @sandycandykim.

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•unlearning• unlearning feelings and thoughts that don’t belong to me, learning to recognize the thoughts & feelings that are 100% of my own. unlearning vanity. learning the difference between when i truly feel beautiful, and when i feel i have to prove my beauty to others. unlearning oversharing. learning the difference between when i genuinely feel called to speak or show, vs when i feel the need to defend, prove, or look for validation outside of my own. unlearning codependency. learning real love. unlearning self depreciation. learning self love & self preservation. unlearning neediness. learning wholeness. unlearning mindlessness. learning mindfulness. unlearning powers that be... learning Spirit. unlearning poison... learning honey. 🤍

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WE STILL NEED YOU. #Repost @kehlani ・・・ My friend Walela has advanced stage leukemia and is need of a life saving stem cell transplant. I’m swabbing my cheeks today to see if we could be a match. The more people who do this means the higher the chances are for Walela to find a possible donor. Black people only have a 23% chance of finding a match but many need transplants for cancers like leukemia and lymphoma and other illnesses like sickle cell. A stem transplant is basically when someone’s damaged cells are replaced by the healthy stem cells of a donor. It’s not even a surgery & if you donate, your stem cells regenerate after 8 weeks, which means there’s nothing to lose. To save someone like my friend Walela all you gotta do is text ITSWALELA to 61474 . It’s easy, takes less than 5 mins, and Be The Match sends you this swabbing kit that I’m doing now for free. If you have any questions about being a donor or registering, hit up @bethematch !!! @maiz.co for the shirt !!

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swipe for things you need to know to love me.

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fire & honey. 🔥🍯

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