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Bài viết cá nhân Kendall

new @calvinklein by @lachlanbailey

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New exclusive @kendallandkylie styles available now 🖤 Shop them today through the link in their bio 🖤

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@matthewmwilliams dressed me up 🤠🤍😌 at home in the new @givenchyofficial by MATT WILLIAMS 🤍 congrats you genius!!! what a beautiful collection

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did you know that in some states you can early vote??? you don’t have to wait till November 3rd (that’s also my bday and all i want is for you to vote, pleaseeee and thanks) this is the most important election of our lives! early vote if you can!!! i know i’m going to! borrowed these graphics from @voguemagazine & @heyrooney 🤍

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In honor of #WorldSmileDay, @moon is partnering with @operationsmile to shine the light on some beautiful smile stories! Something as simple as smiling can elevate your mood or even brighten someone else's day :) As I've spent more time learning and caring about my oral beauty routine with MOON, I've found the confidence to show off my smile more often. Your smile is important. What makes you want to shine yours? #moon_partner

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not no

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good bathroom

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i 💛 lakes

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oral beauty 🤍 @moon #moon_partner

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