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it’s ransom season

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Regramed from @curtisleejamie - Oh a happy #tbtuesday The debut of @knivesout at Toronto! The whole doughnut. This wonderful movie turned out to be like eating a great doughnut. Delicious. Satisfying. Sweet. Sometimes salty. And all these ingredients coming together. A complete surprise and delight for this old lady. Grateful for that unexpected opportunity and getting on that thrill ride watching @riancjohnson movie take flight! @lionsgate 🍩

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did i spend hours looking for every single language dub of “eat shit” and put it into one video? yes #Ransóm

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You want some more cookies??! Happy Birthday to our very own Michael Shannon!

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It’s their house. We’re just living in it tbh. Watch Knives Out on @amazonprimevideo now.

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Repost from @lionsgate: Buddies, in honour of our northern neighbours, I decided to create the (unofficial) @KnivesOut spin-oof poster for #CanadaDay. I may have missed a few, but tag your favorite Canadians below, eh?

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It’s all fun and games until Harlan wants to play. 🔪 STREAM NOW only on @amazonprimevideo.

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My sweater tag is making me itchy. Can you check it? ➡️

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Change takes action. As storytellers, we believe in building on our collective power, and we’re using our platform to help empower our audiences to exercise their rights as voters.

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Ask yourself: Should I stream Knives Out on @amazonprimevideo? (Marta will tell us if you’re lying anyway)

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I’m comin’ for ya, @amazonprimevideo. 🔪 See you on June 12.

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Tbh, I can’t even find them all. Good luck.

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