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Happiness has a new address in Paris.

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Ready to bring a bit of joy with witchcraft? Reproduce Lancôme’s Glowy Witch bloody-red lips with L’Absolu Rouge Drama Intimatte and a hint of Juicy Tube layered on top. #Lancome #HappyHalloween #HappinessSpell

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Abracadabra… Glow! Bewitch everyone with an enchanting Glowy Witch makeup look. Get the look: EYES: Artliner & Hypnôse mascara FACE: Teint Idole Ultra Wear 010, Blush Subtil 471 ­— Berry Flamboyante LIPS: L’Absolu Rouge Intimatte 130 & Juicy Tube 01 – Pure #Lancome #HappyHalloween #HappinessSpell

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Be part of the new generation of powerful, unstoppable and conquering women like @maisa with Idôle by Lancôme. #Lancome #Idole #IdoleByLancome

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Find your inner idol with our Idôle fragrance, believe in yourself like @maisa, and continue your journey to success fearlessly. #Lancome #Idole #IdoleByLancome

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Idôle is a fragrance made for free women like @maisa. Women who dare to make their dreams come true, women who are not afraid to see things with new perspectives. #Lancome #Idole #IdoleByLancome

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Imagined and perfected by @chiaraferragni herself, and created especially with our Lancôme Global Creative Director @lisaeldridgemakeup get ready to discover our new collaboration. Exciting, isn't it? #Lancome #LancomexChiaraFerragni

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Eye contact with Chiara Ferragni X Lancôme collection. A trendy brand-new beauty line that will make your makeup look unforgettable. #Lancome #LancomexChiaraFerragni

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We are beyond happy and excited to unveil our new exclusive collaboration with Global Muse @chiaraferragni. Time for you to dazzle in blue! #Lancome #LancomexChiaraFerragni

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She is a mother and a CEO, a fashion icon and an inspiring woman. Can you guess which muse is collaborating with Lancôme this fall? #Lancome #StayTuned

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Hint: it’s iconic, it’s sparkling it’s fashionable. Do you have a clue? Check out our Instagram to learn more tomorrow. #Lancome #StayTuned

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Keep your eyes wide open for something big coming soon! Stay connected to find out what it is. #Lancome #StayTuned

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From tantalizing lipstick to wonderful skincare products, you’ll find everything you’re already dreaming about inside Lancôme’s Beauty Box. Creative artist: @sarashakeel Available for purchase on Lancome.com in France, US, Italy, Canada & Australia. #Lancome #LancomeHolidays #TogetherIsAGift​

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Bring on the Christmas excitement with Lancôme’s Advent Calendar. Open these little paper doors to discover our celebration-ready icons. Creative artist: @sarashakeel Available for purchase on Lancome.com in France, UK, Italy, Canada & Australia. Coming soon to other countries. #Lancome #LancomeHolidays #TogetherIsAGift​

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The countdown to the Holiday season has officially begun. Ready? Get Lancôme’s Advent Calendar and get into the Christmas happiness spirit. Creative artist: @sarashakeel Available for purchase on Lancome.com in France, UK, Italy, Canada & Australia. Coming soon to other countries. #Lancome #LancomeHolidays #TogetherIsAGift​

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La Cour Carrée du Bonheur, in Beijing is the place to be for all things beauty. Come on in and always leave happier. 133-135, L1 Floor, APM Mall NO.138 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing. #Lancome #HouseOfHappiness

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Lancôme has a new home of happiness — La Cour Carrée du Bonheur in Beijing. A place where you can learn, share, and always leave with a smile. Join the beauty fun! 133-135, L1 Floor, APM Mall NO.138 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing. #Lancome #HouseOfHappiness

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From Beijing to Paris, La Vie Est Belle at Lancôme. At La Cour Carrée du Bonheur, all your beauty dreams can come true. Enter the realm of happiness. 133-135, L1 Floor, APM Mall NO.138 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing. #Lancome #HouseOfHappiness

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Welcome to the House of Happiness: enjoy a pure moment of pleasure at our brand-new flagship store in China. 133-135, L1 Floor, APM Mall NO.138 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing. #Lancome #HouseOfHappiness

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Happiness has a new address: La Cour Carrée du Bonheur in Beijing. A world filled with joy, where you'll feel comfortable and happy. Step inside. 133-135, L1 Floor, APM Mall NO.138 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing. #Lancome #HouseOfHappiness

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Happiness is just around the corner. Come to discover La Cour Carrée du Bonheur — Lancôme’s first flagship store, now open in Beijing. 133-135, L1 Floor, APM Mall NO.138 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing. #Lancome #HouseOfHappiness

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Monsieur Big mascara always does the job of bringing your eyes open. @lilyjcollins loves it because it adds volume to her lashes. Her beauty secret — use another clean brush to make sure your lashes feel extra separated. #Lancome #Vogue

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@lilyjcollins takes you through her French understated look with a little node to Parisian glamour. Tune it to our IGTV, Lily reveals all her beauty secrets. #Lancome #Vogue

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After her toner, @lilyjcollins uses our iconic Advanced Génifique serum. It gives her skin such a healthy glow and provides instant hydration. Her beauty secret — massaging her skin to help locking the moisture. #Lancome #Vogue

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Discover your personal skin analysis. Lancôme’s Skin Screen offers a holistic full-face approach in only twenty minutes. Get your thorough skin diagnosis done and let our Beauty Advisors detailing the results further to help you build a custom skincare routine. #Lancome #SkinScreen​

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For every woman, for any skin type. Skin Screen represents the high-performance imaging system, delivering a full-face diagnosis for a bespoke skincare routine. Available at select Lancôme counters. #Lancome #SkinScreen

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Disclose the secrets your skin holds, in just a flash. Made of a breakthrough combination of tri-polar light technology and advanced algorithms, Lancôme’s Skin Screen measures 8 skin parameters to provide the most personalized skincare routine. Available at select Lancôme counters. #Lancome #SkinScreen​

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Experience a next-generation skin analysis. Skin Screen establishes the most accurate skin diagnosis thanks to its state-of-the-art technology. Learn how to get the best out of your Lancôme’s skincare products. Available at select Lancôme counters. #Lancome #SkinScreen​

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Inspired by dermatologist devices, Lancôme’s Skin Screen measures 8 key features of your skin: texture, red patches, brown spots, hydration, firmness, wrinkles & fine lines, clogged pores, UV damage to help you build the most tailored routine. #Lancome #SkinScreen

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The future of your skin starts now. Lancôme’s Skin Screen is our most advanced skin analysis service for tailored skincare guidance. Come and discover this breakthrough technology at select Lancôme counters. #Lancome #SkinScreen​

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A sumptuous rose enhances the iconic scent of Idôle. Sustainably sourced, rewritten to embody the rose of the future. It is a rose —unlike any. @ultabeauty #Lancome #Idole #IdolebyLancome #Fragrance

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Idôle is an ideal: the ideal of a better future. Made of hand-picked roses, Idôle is a dream come true. #Lancome #Idole #IdoleByLancome #Fragrance

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Rose, jasmine, and clean chyprelend their natural power to the floral fragrance of Idôle. All responsibly sourced to shape a new vision in the world of perfumery. Available on tap to purchase and @sephora #Lancome #Idole #IdoleByLancome #Fragrance

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Don’t throw it away, refill it. Every Idôle bottle is just as unique as you are. Take care of it and fill the dream forever with our Idôle fountains. Find how to recharge your fragrance at select Lancôme counters. #Lancome #Idole #IdoleByLancome #Fragrance​

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The future is yours: take care of it. Idôle is a statement, a meaningful and powerful totem of endless possibilities to fill and refill as you pleased. #Lancome #Idole #IdoleByLancome #Fragrance​

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Forever refillable, forever yours. Make the pleasure of your favorite fragrance last. Recharge your Idôle bottle at select Lancôme counters. #Lancome #Idole #IdoleByLancome #Fragrance​

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At the heart of the French expertise lies the Absolue savoir-faire. Absolue Ultimate Repair Bi-Ampoule’s precious repairing drop restores your skin overnight while Absolue Cream brings radiance to the skin and diminishes the signs of fatigue. #Lancome #AbsolueBiAmpoule #Skincare​

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The gilded ampoule encapsulates a highly concentrated repairing drop. Absolue Ultimate Repair Bi-Ampoule’s smart dropper precisely doses the perfect amount of formulation to repair your skin overnight. Treat your skin to the Absolue power-duo for revealing a golden glowy finish. #Lancome #AbsolueBiAmpoule #Skincare​

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Powerful, targeted, Absolue Ultimate Repair Bi-Ampoule delivers exceptional results and fast overnight skin repair thanks to its precious repairing drop. The skin looks instantly nourished and revitalized, repaired overnight. #Lancome #AbsolueBiAmpoule #Skincare​

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Each of our fragrances convey feelings of happiness, love and confidence. What is your favorite Lancôme fragrance to boost your mood? #Lancome #LaVieEstBelle #Idole #LaNuitTrésor #LancomeMoodBooster

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Have you ever felt intensely happy? Feel the intense happiness of La Vie Est Belle Intensément. Make happiness last forever: engrave yours. #Lancome #LaVieEstBelleIntensément #LancomeMoodBooster

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Fall in love all over again with La Nuit Trésor, our most precious fragrance. A gourmand fragrance for women that believe in a modern love story. #Lancome #LaNuitTrésor #LancomeMoodBooster

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Looking for the fragrance that will make you feel unstoppable? Feel empowered with Idôle, get your free sample now. #Lancome #Idole #LancomeMoodBooster

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Feel happy with La Vie Est Belle’s joyful scent that will cheer you up any day, all day. Who will you make happy today? Engrave it. #Lancome #LaVieEstBelle #Idole #LaNuitTrésor #LancomeMoodBooster

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Your fragrance is your mood booster. Whether you choose to be in love, happy, or empowered, we have the perfect fragrance for you. #Lancome #LaVieEstBelle #Idole #LaNuitTrésor #LancomeMoodBooster

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Idôle wins the « Prix des professionnels — meilleur lancement féminin », “Professional Award ­— Best Women's Launch” awarded by the @fragrancefoundationfrance. #Lancome #Idole #IdoleByLancome #TFFAWARDSPARIS

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And the winner is… Idôle! Idôle received an award from the French Fragrance Foundation @fragrancefoundationfrance. « Prix des professionnels ­— meilleur flacon de parfum féminin », “Professional Award — Best women’s perfume bottle.” #Lancome #Idole #IdoleByLancome #TFFAWARDSPARIS

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Idôle is an unstoppable winner. It has been awarded the « prix du public — meilleur lancement féminin », “People's Choice Award — Best Women's Launch” by the @fragrancefoundationfrance. #Lancome #Idole #IdoleByLancome #TFFAWARDSPARIS

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Amp-up your lash routine with our new Lash Revitalizing Serum & Hypnose mascara to take lashes to the next level. #Hypnose #HypnoseMascara #Mascara #Makeup #Lancome #LashSerum #LashRevitalizingSerum​

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Let your eyes do the talking with an effortless cat eye using Artliner in Blue Metallic and Sky-high yet clump-free lashes with Hypnôse Mascara. #Lancome #Artliner #Hypnose #Mascara #Eyeliner #Cateyes #Makeup​

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What makes Hypnôse mascara #1 in Europe? You’ll need to test it out to see for yourself… you’ll be hooked for life, guaranteed! #Lancome #Hypnose #Mascara #Makeup

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