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Bài viết cá nhân Li Bingbing 李冰冰

I’m so excited to let you know, @carlfbucherer and I have created a new collection – the Manero AutoDate LOVE watch. The watch is inspired by L.O.V.E. foundation that I’ve been promoting the last 10 years. It’s aim is to protect and transmit the beauty of nature. LOVE FOR NOW! #ManeroAutoDateLOVE #LOVE就现在 #CarlFBucherer #Lucerne1888

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Thank you @gqchina for featuring me on the cover of the August issue!

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#bottlecapchallenge come on~

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I want to thank Chinese American Film Committee for honoring me with “Best Actress In a Leading Role” and “Chinese American Film Art Exchange Award,” I owe my gratitude to everyone who participated in The Meg! @carlfbucherer #carlbucherer

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Just had a beautiful night with my dear friend @saschamoeri and it was such a pleasure meeting Mr. Bucherer in Hong Kong! Thank you very much for inviting me to this amazing event! @carlfbucherer @saschamoeri #carlfbucherer

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What a memorable night, and thank you very much for the invitation. @ralphlauren #ralphlauren #nyfw #rl50

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#RL50 #ralphlauren #NYFW @ralphlauren Going out for the show 💗

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The Meg reached 1 billion yuan at China’s box office. It’s worth all those early call times!🌟❄️😘#themeg @megmovie

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I will miss you guys and everyone else worked in The Meg! 😘 @jasonstatham @rubyrose @pagekennedy @megmovie #themeg

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It was a great pleasure to work with everyone in The Meg! @jasonstatham @rubyrose @rainnwilson @jessica_mcnamee @pagekennedy @masi_oka

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A huge thanks to everyone who went to theaters and gave support to The Meg. Number 1 in the world!!!! I was so afraid of the water, but now everything is worth it! I’m happy to see that everyone loved and enjoyed it!💗💗💕💕

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The Meg in theater on this Friday August 10th! @megmovie #libingbing #themeg

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