Hybrid Theory 20th Anniversary Edition – Available October 9. Pre-order now.

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As we continue the #HybridTheory20 celebration, we wanted to share this recently uncovered never before seen footage from the making of the One Step Closer video.

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Happy 20th birthday, #HybridTheory. Join LP fans from around the world for a Hybrid Theory listening party today. Head to https://listeningparty.io/hybridtheory20 at 12pm PDT and connect your Spotify account to start streaming together.

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Here are some long lost interview outtakes from the Hybrid Theory days #HybridTheory20

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Let's keep the #HybridTheory20 celebration going. Stream/Download: 🔗 in bio

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The 2000s were full of baggy pants and colored hair. #HybridTheory20 Stream/Download: 🔗 in bio

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“It's amazing that we're here 20 years later talking about this album…The reality in terms of the way the music has connected globally has exceeded what any of us could’ve imagined.” - Brad #HybridTheory20 Stream/Download: lprk.co/HT20

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Hope you're enjoying #HybridTheory20. Stream/Download: 🔗 in bio

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From the archives: @m_shinoda’s notes on the One Step Closer single cover from 20 years ago to @frankmaddocks. Stream/Download #HybridTheory20 lprk.co/ht20

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Yesterday was fun. Thank you for all the love and support. Stream #HybridTheory20 now: 🔗 in bio

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Our #HybridTheory music videos have been UPGRADED to HD: http://lprk.co/ht20/YouTube

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Who attended the Projekt Revolution 2002 tour? #HybridTheory20 out now: 🔗 in bio

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"In my opinion, the best fans on the planet really did put us where we are.” -Chester Bennington Hybrid Theory 20th Anniversary Edition is out now. #HybridTheory20 🔗 in bio

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