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Are you even a brown girl with glasses if you haven’t been called Mia Khalifa?

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Today is Vote Early Day. Make a plan to vote early at #ThirstTrapTheVote #VoteEarlyDay #ad @comedycentral

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Just take me to the spa 😩🧖🏽‍♀️

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Good morning to everyone who follows me on @onlyfansofficial, and no one else 😌

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The message I want to send to the THAWRA in Lebanon today. I love you, Beirut, I wish I was in those streets with you on this October 17th. As much as you’ve been knocked down this year, you’re still strapping the gas masks up and moving upwards to forge the change we need. Révolution day, October 17th. Don’t ever forget.

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This is really just a time lapse of my ponytail migrating to the side of my head in 50 minutes. Abs credited to @realmikaelpadilla at @lagreeundergroundweho for always pushing me!

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Once again, REALLY enjoying my time on @onlyfansofficial 💕

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Donate to @lebaneseredcross for clear skin ✨ (link in my bio to book a cameo from me, 100% of proceeds benefit the LRC)

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Tagged where I got my favorite things 💕 @robertsandberg

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Being on Only Fans is going great, thanks for asking 🙂 @livefrommyof

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This move instantly corrects the damage I do to my hips from doing nothing and watching Netflix all day. @lucaspaul putting me through a ringer at @lagreeundergroundweho @realmikaelpadilla #tbt

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WET ASS POST-OAK BRISKET 💦 📸: @leannmueller1, 2018 @la_barbecue

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It’s been two months since the explosion and there has been no accountability taken, no investigation, and no resources implemented by the state. I’m sorry it took this long, @lebaneseredcross, but this money is getting to you no matter what it does to my credit score 😭 KEEP TALKING ABOUT LEBANON 🇱🇧 keep donating. Keep sharing resources. Link in my bio to donate to the LRC ♥️ will update again on my stories once the wire clears.

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@jtfirstman walked so I could not have to work.

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I’m paying more taxes on this @comedycentral campaign than trump did in all of 2017 ☺️

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Link in my bio. Thank you, @medeaazouri and @mouin.jaber for having me on @sardeafterdinner to talk about the things most important to me. This was an emotional day, and I’m so happy to say I feel like I walked away with two new friends and a closer connection to my birthplace and childhood home than ever before. Although I never lost touch my Lebanese roots, in fact, I feel like as I’ve gotten older and grown into myself, I’ve nurtured them more; this conversation left me feeling validated in my heritage. Imposter syndrome can be crippling when you’re kinda whitewashed and can’t read or write, and have a few misspelled tattoos (lol).

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@lutecedc and @conroy_matt showed up just in time to save the Georgetown dining scene 🤯😍 DC, y’all are so lucky to have this neighborhood gem! Congrats on (finally) opening, chef!

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Not sure what took me so long, but after one week on ønlyfānš, I’m already seeing why women feel empowered to be unapologetically themselves within the community ♥️ thank y’all so much for the warm welcome 🥺♥️

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The reason for my straw is because the only way I can drink alcohol, is to get it over with as fast as possible ☺️ #abouttaweekagoooo

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My hero. RIP RBG.

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I have a full time job... as an accountant 🙂

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Dance like your drunk-er friends are watching, because they won’t remember any of it 💃🏽 thanks for capturing me mid-Hamilton break, @teethbracelet 💕

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Fav travel partner 🐶⛰

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Not me thinking I nailed that dismount 😩😭

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Beyond the barricade is there a world you long to see? #THAWRA #REVOLUTION Sourced from @yaraeldahr 🇱🇧

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LOS ANGELES!!!! We need you! @cedars.relief has already raised money and sent supplies that have touched down in Lebanon and been distributed to the trusted NGO’s. It’s not enough though, there’s hundreds of thousands still suffering. LA/SoCal residents... we need you! if you have any antibiotics, feminine hygiene products, bandages, medical supplies, hygienic supplies, vitamins, ANYTHING! Please reach out to @cedars.relief to inquire about donating or being involved, or if you know me, DM me and I’ll handle it all for you! Any out of state friends of mine that want to be involved please let me know and I’ll schedule a contactless USPS pickup from your house and donate it here in LA ♥️🇱🇧 #Lebanon isn’t okay just because the news cycle has gotten over it.

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(Don’t be dumb, GET TESTED if you insist on traveling) Last month we girl’s tripped to napa for @singlethreadfarms to experience their seamless COVID-safe transition to al fresco dining at @kistlervineyards 🌾🌷 thank you so much @kyleconnaughton and team! So sad we missed you though, @lumberjackieo 💕 @teethbracelet @bigbossboze

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Over here, @lebisf!! Over here!!!

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TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ Trauma, children, violence on the second slide. I’ve been struggling with finding the balance between what’s important to share and NEEDS to be seen to put the devastation into perspective for the western world vs. What felt macabre and intrusive to the families suffering. I don’t agree with the reasoning behind spreading videos of the deceased before their families have even received word of their passing, but this video in particular has been burned into my memory since August 4th. My heart is shattered for the ones that didn’t survive, and my soul breaks for the ones who did, but will never be the same again. If you can stomach it, please watch the second slide. Watch it to understand the support and level of help Lebanon is going to need moving forward. I don’t think there’s ever been a more blatant example of PTSD and trauma planting it’s crippling seeds than in this video. We need to rally behind the silent warriors like @embrace_lebanon and support their efforts. Food, shelter, water are all basic human rights, but what is the point if that individual is merely a shell of what they used to be? Thank you, @anasbukhash for this incredible episode. I’ve put the link in my bio if anyone wants to watch. The whole thing is in English. @ginoraidy, @marianawehbepr, @mouin.jaber thank you for everything you’re doing on the ground and with your platforms. @embrace_lebanon needs volunteers, funding, and awareness spread. For donations, please consider to support their tireless efforts ♥️🇱🇧

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Link in my bio to book me on @cameo and support the @lebaneseredcross ♥️🇱🇧

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15 year olds carried the coffin of their best friend today. For 6 years this regime let a bomb brew under Beirut and did nothing. Remember his face and his name when asked what you’re fighting for. Elias Khoury. Elias Khoury. Elias Khoury. Elias Khoury. Moving video tribute by @eliefahed

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Rest In Peace, Elias Khoury ♥️ 15 years old... A better lebanon must be forged from this senseless suffering 🇱🇧

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Good morning from my safe bed in America where I lay in constant guilt from not being able to physically be with my broken people in Beirut. Anyways, it’s still fuck Hezbollah and pray for Lebanon. book a @cameo through my bio, I’m donating every penny to the @lebaneseredcross.

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This woman has more balls than the entire Lebanese ruling class, and the useless army combined. She’s my fucking hero 😭🇱🇧 I put the link for this 10 min doc I found. Does a pretty good job of surmising the situation in Lebanon in a relatively unbiased way (the facts are that insane, an unbiased report sounds straight up left wing 🥴) Watch it. Educate yourself.

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Link in my bio to DM me on @cameo or book me to roast your ex, or to shoutout your basic frat, or to wish your third cousin who kinda looks like me a happy birthday (some of y’all are weird, but I’ll deal with it if it’s for @lebaneseredcross).

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When all you have left to tourniquet the bleeding from the live rounds and pellets your government shoots at you is the flag you’re fighting for... heartbreaking, but speaks volumes to the fight ahead 💔🇱🇧 @mouin.jaber aids @nabster___ who was shot at a protest on August 8th. Captured by @tariq.keblaoui. Keep spreading awareness of the corruption in Lebanon. This is a humanitarian issue, not an Arab issue.

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I only cried 10,450 times... You guys raised over $104,000 for the @lebaneseredcross today. Between the eBay glasses auction and the twitch stream, the impact you guys made today is tangible. Thank you so much to @bigbossboze for carrying the entire stream, @artistron for designing my LF cover up tattoo (everyone is capable of growth), @ivanatattooart for TATTOOING the piece on stream, @yourfellowarab for teaching us how to hustle donations, and to all the mods that kept the chat so enjoyable 🥺♥️ I love y’all so much, but please don’t stop spreading awareness and raising funds for Lebanese NGO’s. The work is farrrrr from finished, but this was an incredible start ♥️🇱🇧

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Sourced from @ginoraidy. David Hale - US Under Secretary for Political Affairs. The US has pledged $18M, with another $30M awaiting congressional approval. Not a penny will go through the hands of the corrupt Lebanese government, nor is the US in support of their positions in power. We don’t have oil, we have zaytoun, so they def don’t care about invading us, what they’re encouraging is the revolution to bring a new form of government. Power to the mother-fucking people ✊🏼🇱🇧

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Social distance, no matter how cute the puppy breath is ☹️ @anthonypadilla

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Nature’s disco ball 🍃

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If I’m going to share the devastation, I feel an obligation to share the strength as well. The photo of the family that gave birth during the #beirut blast, which I shared a few days ago, are now home and recovering safely with their beautiful baby. The Lebanese are resilient. But we’re fucking tired of having to be resilient, life shouldn’t be spent on guard looking over your shoulder constantly. Post sourced from @lebanonmoments

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@whataboutnathalie @rebuilding.gemmayze @lebaneseredcross @impact.lebanon @beiruting @glblctzn @mouin.jaber @ginoraidy @lebfoodbank @lebanon.corruption.facts @lebanontimes @leb.historian all better resources than the Lebanese government.

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DESIGN MY NEXT TATTOO! A Lebanese artist should be the one to sketch my cover up of this misplaced patriotism from when I was 18. Please submit by tagging me in stories or grid post and hashtag #CoverThatTrash. I want a geographic outline of Lebanon with honor paid to this tragedy. Make it red. Make it stand out. Make it a conversation starter so no one I ever encounter forgets about Beirut. @ivanatattooart has generously offered to ink the coverup live on stream Sunday AND WE ARE ALL GETTING COVID TESTED BEFOREHAND ( I’ll be on from 9 AM PST - 12 PM PST to countdown the final few hours of the Mia Khalifa glasses auction benefiting the @lebaneseredcross, and to raise some more money on Twitch! I have some fun planned for y’all with @bigbossboze and a few other guests, so tune in!

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No excuses. None. Beirut’s destruction is not an accident, it is unadulterated negligence- and WILL happen again if we divert our attention and allow the corrupt regime to sweep this under the rug. Well, there’s no room, the rug is full of 3 decades worth of war and crimes against humanity. off. with. their. fucking. heads. (From twitter/jawadcominthru, via @mouin.jaber’s IG story)

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I put the link for LeChef’s rebuild in my bio. We can’t lose the Beirut institutions ♥️🇱🇧 @rebuilding.gemmayze

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The moment when I found out the auction was at $100K again 🤯 LETS GET EVEN MORE MONEY TO THE @lebaneseredcross! Link in my bio for the auction link, and links in my pinned memories for dozens of other invaluable resources to share, as well as many reputable NGO’s in desperate need of donations right now (Do not donate to lebanese backed gov’t org’s). To the Thawra, we see you. Even if we can’t fight alongside you, we will make sure the world knows the change you’re bringing to Lebanon ♥️🇱🇧

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The Lebanese government has resigned. Parliament is next. By choice or by force, either way, Lebanon has had enough while simultaneously having NOTHING. 6 days left on the auction for the original mia khalifa glasses to 100% benefit the @lebaneseredcross. Head to the link in my bio and let’s try to make a positive difference. Keep bidding, keep sharing, keep following accounts like @lebaneseredcross @beiruting @rimafakih @mouin.jaber @ginoraidy @thawramap @impact.lebanon @rebuilding.gemmayze @lebfoodbank. Keep sharing the links for fundraisers by the people, for the people, and DO NOT DONATE A SINGLE PENNY TO THE CORRUPT GOVERNMENT BACKED ORGANIZATIONS. The ones who hoard relief money, medical supplies, and food- only to re-sell to the Lebanese people at a 150% mark up. The ones who sit behind and watch the famine, economic collapse, and displacement of their own people on tv from their vacation homes in London, France, and Australia. Ban these pigs from every country in the world until they’re forced to live the same lifestyle they’ve imposed on the people in Lebanon.

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I am drowning in expat guilt and rage looking at this. #headsmustroll (Link in my bio to bid on the original Mia Khalifa glasses, which is re-launched, thanks to the help of eBay and @lebaneseredcross verifying that all funds will be wired to them).

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Scenes from the revolution 🇱🇧 LEBANON I LOVE TO SEE THIS. THIS IS TRULY THE START OF NEW ERA. On Tuesday you were blindsided and buried. Today, you give everyone watching hope. It’s a long and painstaking road ahead, but look at how strong you are at your weakest compared to them, still hiding in shame from all of you, and the world! The last slide needs a trigger warning for violence. There were a lot of contentious clashes today, but the revolution will not stop demanding: - Resignations from the corrupt and negligent responsible for the #Beirut blast. - End the terrorist influence of Hezbollah in Lebanon - Electricity for more than a few hours a day - Medical aid for the wounded - An international investigation into the third largest explosion in history. #Hiroshima #Nagasaki #Beirut.

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A few weeks ago, @anthonypadilla gave me the best therapy session of my life. Thank you so much for the opportunity to talk with you about the big picture issues in the industry, the toll it takes on mental health, the unethical practices of the corporations, and why it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s 2020, just because it’s a law, doesn’t make it right. In Lebanon (because Lebanon will be at the center of every conversation until its people are fed and sheltered), the Lebanese Nationality Law make it so women cannot pass citizenship to their children or spouses. The Lebanese nationality can only be passed paternally. Yeah. My point is, if laws aren’t progressing in tandem with society, then they are counterintuitive. How can we rise when we’re being held down by a system that’s more dated than the people enforcing it? The link for the full length interview is in my bio, but, please also make sure to reference or share the pinned memories about Lebanon for resources and trusted places to donate 🙏🏼♥️🇱🇧

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“Hopefully it’s not a strong explosion” “But why is the smoke so white...?” ...Because you’ve been systemically failed by corrupt leaders and a regime with power and money in their hearts, while the people they claim to represent starve and rebuild the nation pillaged by its own government. SHARE THIS, DON’T LET THE WORLD TURN A BLIND EYE ON LEBANON. @emmanuelmacron flew to Beirut with aide in hand today to support THE PEOPLE, in the streets, assuring them any aide given by France will not cross hands with any of the politicians. Donate DIRECTLY to the people, or the @lebaneseredcross. Link in my bio for resources, and all over my story for links, as well as the pinned memories on my page.

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