Lvl. 21 | A cosplayer that wants to inspire and be goofy💛💙| NyanKat or Kat| fanart and edits tag #nyarmy💛 | Spread Love💛| She/her

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Bài viết cá nhân Welcome To The Nyarmy(≧∇≦)

What’s your favorite aesthetic(s)? 🥰 ————————————————— I honestly love a lot of aesthetics and I never know how to style myself 🤣 My default is comfy sweaters tbh #halloween #tiktok #aesthetic #bats #thatwitch #ooc #outofcosplay

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What’s your favorite video game and why? ————————————————- I’m sorry content has been so slow. I’m pushing through best I can. I want to post good content not rushed and sloppy. I do stream on twitch still & I’ll be on tonight 💕 (Link in bio~)

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What’s your favorite part of fall/autumn? 🍂 ————————————————— I can’t wait to learn some sick tricks 🥰 ALSO WEAR YOUR MASK!!! #skateboard #outofcosplay #ooc #wearyourmask

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Who’s your fav kakegurui character? ——————————————————— Old tiktok draft of yumeko💕 #kakeguri #yumekojabami #cosplay #yumekocosplay #kakeguruicosplay

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Two years ago my life change drastically. Though it has been a bumpy rollercoaster I am still pushing through. I didn’t think a silly video to a catchy song I didn’t know the meaning to would get anywhere. I am so thankful to everyone who has supported me and cheered me on through all of this. Like I said in the first video I can’t wait to keep continuing to grow as a person and content creator. Life is all about experiencing and learning! It’s crazy for me to think that people genuinely like me and my content, it means so so much! I am so lucky and thankful to have you all. Here’s to many more years 🥳💛 Ft: comfy niko ————— Contacts: @ttdeyeofficial ——————————— #memeiversary #hitormiss #nicocosplay #lovelive #lovelivecosplay #tiktok #dance #nyarmy #nyarmy💛

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What’s your favorite holiday? 💛 ———————————————— I hope to do a lot of Vocaloid versions! I just have such a strong fixation with vocaloid 🤣🥰 ————— Contacts from: @ttdeyeofficial #hatsunemiku #mikucosplay #vocaloid #vocaloidcosplay

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I am learning how to use IG’s new stuff. I decided to post some old Tiktoks or even some drafts. Should I post more in the future? 🥰 (6 videos total)

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Who is your Stray Kids Bias? ——————————————— I want to use this audio for multiple groups 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 #skz #straykids #kpop #ooc #outofcosplay

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What is your favorite mystical creature? 🥰 ———————————————— Here are some REALLY old Kanna drafts! I recently posted a bunch of old drafts on tiktok and thought I should post some here! #kannakamui #kannakamuicosplay #mrskobayashisdragonmaid #cosplay

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What is your favorite Vocaloid song? ————————————————— I did a non-official Rin cosplay and it is so comfy! I might not wear the headphones next time though because they slip so much. 💛 #rinkagamine #vocaloidcosplay #rinkagaminecosplay #vocaloid

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What is your favorite kpop song? ——————————————— Some of my onesie kpop spam~ From new songs to the classics 💛 #onesie #kpop #ooc #straykids #bigbang

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Who’s your favorite Vocaloid? 💛 - Contacts: @topsface_official —————————— #rinkagamine #vocaloid #cosplay #rinkagaminecosplay

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