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Bài viết cá nhân Pietro Boselli

Storm @petradesign

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@petradesign now in store @harrods

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Snow in the desert. @petradesign

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Savage Poseidon cover for @kingkonggarcon shot by the great @marianovivanco with @alipirzadeh @monaleannemakeup @nadiaphillips @trish_stephenson

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The Fast shorts @petradesign 🪐💀

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Road trip vibes @petradesign

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@petradesign🌲 Special moments amongst the most ancient trees in the world, the bristlecone pines. Some are up to 6000 years old! A great scenery to announce the launch of the new eco-friendly @petradesign collection 🏔 (link in bio)

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This campaign shoot for @petradesign was so epic. Shot in Death Valley just before lockdown, with @mrollieali and @tessagreiner 💥 More coming up!

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London, 2015. @andrewjeastwood

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Once upon a time in Venice @petradesign

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Some more from this dreamy day with @petradesign and my friends @eliacometti91 @cavalligiacomo @pozzialessio for @gqitalia in collaboration with @scarosso and shot by @mrollieali

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