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Take me back. It’s Raining in London and I found these bad boys. Film camera from my last summer hols. Greece/Ibiza 2020.

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The weekend is calling meeee ✨💜 Obsessed with these Thomas Sabo Magic Stones pieces 🔮💫 @thomassabo #magicbyts #RITAORAxTS

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Between takes 🪐 where’s my @prosperotequila 🥃?!    Hair: @rio_hair  Make up: @mariebruce  Styling: @karenlangleystylist

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Go to amnesty.org to help make a difference. Nigeria we stand with you 💚 #EndSARS

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Just shot something super fun, can’t wait for you all to see... 😎

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Loved my shoot with @shoedazzle!! ❤️❤️ I’m so happy with all the applications for the Women of the Future Fund! To help some of the underrepresented women out there in creative industries...💃🏻💪🏻 link in my bio to apply for the grant ❤️ cannot wait to choose them!!!

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💥Studio to quick shoot back to studio 💥 #sameroom #mindblownlol

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Check out my stories for some of the amazing work young girls in Afghanistan are doing right now to help tackle covid in their country, supported by @unicef @unicef_uk ✨ #DayOfTheGirl #GenerationEquality #BeFree #BeYou

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After work glam feeling myself @blairbbrown ! 💫🌺 happy Friday 🖤

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Praying for this rain to stop ☔️ @ronanpark

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When I got told you guys streamed my music 4 billion times on @Spotify!!! Thank you all so much I can’t wait to see you at shows again soon and show you what we’ve been cooking! ❤️❤️❤️

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