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Bài viết cá nhân 🎻 ALEXANDER RYBAK 🎻

You know me; I can get nervous and stressed, especially when doing tv shows or podcasts. 😅 @jarl.ofc knows this, so he let me eat pizza during the whole interview. And now it has become famously known as the “pizza interview”, and will be aired again today. This time on #crewradio 🥳 stay tuned @crewradiofans

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7 years ago on this day, I did a project with @joakimkleven and @knutofficial_ , a gift for the best fans in the world! I have no idea why I didn’t ask for 17 years 😋😇🥳 #5to7years #anniversary (meme by Spyros)

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My Eurovision soulmate @didriksollitangen has gifted us a new song today. You know his heart is almost as big as his head, and it’s all yours. ❤️ So go on over to his profile, and check out his new song! #eurovision #newsongs #nrkmgp

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Min første opptreden i en podcast er heldigvis en musikalsk en, i «Wolfgang Wee Uncut”🧸 I’m usually afraid of podcasts. Talking for hours about this and that makes me say stupid shit, and I know how the newspapers love writing about stupid shit.😅But when musician @wolfgangwee asked me to join his podcast, I knew it would be an interesting conversation. We talk about film music and art, and I actually managed to say some clever shit. So, my friends, this guy has made me more open to podcasts. 🙃 #wolfgangweeuncut #filmmusikk

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..because not everything is visible. #worldhealthday #verdensdagenforpsykiskhelse

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Мой папа меня вдохновляет. ❤️ Из за него мы попали в Норвегию. Из за него я нашёл свой талант. 🎻 И каждое утро, я слышу как он поёт и играет для бабушке (95) и её сестре Наташе в Витебске. Надеюсь, я буду таким же добрым со своими родителями, когда они станут пожилыми ❤️❤️ My father has a big heart, and even bigger accordion🎹🎻 #family #belarus #love #беларусь #семья #любовь

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Just a gigolo😌🤷🏻‍♂️ A couple of new videos on my YouTube channel (link in bio) Новые видосы на моём канале «AlexanderRybakVideo” #youtube #nostalgia #ностальгия

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🥳🌟 @skavlantvshow is Scandinavia’s biggest late night show, and I’ve had many thrilling interviews with @fredrikskavlan but tomorrow @stefanibsen and I will do our first classical performance in the show! 🎻🎹 Såå følge med på Skavlan imorgo, dere! (Må gjerne følge med litt på Stjernekamp også da...)

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Thanks to aspiring journalist @paigeallisonbarnes I’m in the ColumbiaChronicle 🥰 I must tell you, these have been some of the most challenging but also the happiest days of my career. It feels so good to be a school boy once again ❤️ and I feel part of the @columbiachi family already! (Check out for the whole article) #mytruetalent

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💫Ok I look like 14 here, BUT @livia_the_freelancer sees something that many people choose to ignore in me. Indeed I’m not as happy as people think. 😌In this painting I see confusion, fear and melancholy. 🌹 Thank you so much for seeing me, Livia! 😘 #mytruetalent

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I make so many happy songs, that it’s easy to forget my best song is a sad one.🐴🖤 “13 horses” will always have a place in my heart, and I was so touched by this video by student @minabrattsti that I posted it on my YouTube channel. ❤️ I recommend you check out the link in my bio. #13horses

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PASSION means to suffer everyday for something you love.❤️💪🏼 A business woman will suffer through lots of complaints and problems everyday because she believes in her company, which makes her a good LEADER.👩‍💻 A family man will wake up every day ready to suffer trough fights with his wife and children, making him a good FATHER and HUSBAND.👨‍👩‍👧 But me, in my little “studio” at my parents place, I’m ready to suffer the complexities of oscillators, pitch shifts and broken violin sounds, because everyday I want to become a better MUSICIAN.🎹🎼🎸🎺🪕🎷🎤🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻 Sometimes we have to choose: What do you want to suffer for? What is YOUR passion?🌟 #mytruetalent #passion #screenscoring #scoring

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