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Bài viết cá nhân Shibuya Kaho 澁谷果歩

Spooktober is here👻 照れサ🤍

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More blessed, less stressed 😇 昇天(意味深)

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Dango is one of my favorite Japanese sweet! もぐもぐ🍡

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Preesh!  幻惑しちゃうぞ🖤

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“Belonging is the very best thing there is." -Thank Twitch followers and subscribers especially for supporting me and giving me a place to belong!  理想の77歳❤︎

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Bunny Girl Kohai  バニーガール後輩🐰

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お疲れッス❤︎  Senpaaaai~

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Punk puffballs living in Dream Land💓  初代カービィのお顔も好き!

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Sagittarius 9pm💫  みんなー!文化してるー?

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Listen to my song🎼  私の歌を聴けぇ〜

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Fashionably procrastinating🧡  うまるーん

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