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Bài viết cá nhân Spider-Man: Far From Home

Celebrating our “guy in the chair” today - happiest birthday to Jacob Batalon (@LifeIsAloha)! 🥳

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As MJ would say, it's kind of obvious... we’re celebrating @Zendaya’s birthday! 🎉

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What happens when your friendly neighborhood superhero takes a eurotrip? Swing into new adventure with this deal for #SpiderMan: Far From Home. #HappyBirthdaySpidey Link in bio.

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Bringing it home for the birthday celebration deals with #SpiderMan: Homecoming. Watch now! #HappyBirthdaySpidey Link in bio.

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THWIP into action for #SpiderMan’s birthday! 🤟 🕸 Join the celebration with limited time deals on Spider-Man movies and TV shows- link in bio. #HappyBirthdaySpidey

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Great power. Great responsibility. Great chemistry. Check out more of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in The Amazing #SpiderMan! #HappyBirthdaySpidey Link in bio.

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Spider-Man 2 wouldn’t be the same without Doc Ock. Can you name all the #SpiderMan villains who’ve hit the big screen? Get Spider-Man movies and TV shows on sale now for a limited time! Link in Bio. #HappyBirthdaySpidey

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Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon look back at Willem Dafoe’s iconic performance as Green Goblin. Get deals on all 8 Spider-Man movies now - link in bio. #HappyBirthdaySpidey

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Grab the confetti because we’re celebrating #SpiderMan’s birthday all weekend!🕷 🎉 Join the adventure with epic limited time discounts on all the movies! Link in bio. #HappyBirthdaySpidey

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Looking back at some of Peter’s best suits for #SpiderManDay! 🕷️ Comment below with your favorite!

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Our Spidey-Senses tell us that it is @TomHolland2013’s birthday today! 🕷 🎉

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Join Spider-Man and all his friends while you swing through all the films from the Spider-Man Universe of Characters! Complete your #SpiderMan movie collection with this limited-time @amazonprimevideo offer! bit.ly/PVFranchise

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