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Bài viết cá nhân Ava Addams

Swipe to have me crawl to you 😏

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Did you miss my lingerie mirror selfies 😝

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I want to be your last thought when you go to bed and the first one when you open your eyes again. Let me seep into your subconscious.

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Club photo bomb in the house...

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My path is curvy just like my body 😈

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When you can’t find artwork for your bedroom you take matters into your own hands...with the help of @shineonboudoir 😏

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These may be my favorite pair of @goldengoose yet...

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Halloween Season is here and I’ve got some sins to confess...where will you find this? Link in bio of course 😝

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I’m terrible...but it’s fun!

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Time to get my fitness on...

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And yes, We made it to the Kingdom and even had dinner at Be our Guest...Things may be a little different at DW but they are just as magical and fun!

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