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Bài viết cá nhân Riley Reid

I’ve had a lot of recent changes in my life that have opened my eyes to the person I want to be. I want to be a better woman. I want to use my voice for positive change in sex work for both women and men. I am sad it took me this long to realize the person I want to become but I’m here working on being a better version of myself now & you can too.

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Hi, I’m Riley & I’m very single. Dating apps always delete my profile & with COVID dating has been HARD. So tag someone you think I should go on a date with!! I’m loads of fun & heaps cool so yea set me up with your fun cool friends.

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Never have I ever had a boyfriend who was proud of my job. I’ve had two “normal” boyfriends in my adult life, normal being they don’t do porn. Both of which ended in an ultimatum, porn or them. I always chose porn. I’ve struggled with that choice tho, wondering if I’ve made the right decision. I worry that maybe I lost my chance at love & happiness. Knowing I carry the weight of shame around me I find it hard to believe that some day someone will accept me and love me for all of me. But I can hope. So this is me hoping that one day someone will be proud to call me theirs & that other sex workers like me can feel the love we all desire.

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Meet my friend @_celinasmith

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I haven’t kissed a boy in 6 months. Since quarantine I stopped shooting & I haven’t been intimate with any guys. I’m starting to struggle emotionally with going back to work tho because I don’t want the next boy I kiss to be for work, I want it to be for me. I want to value & care about the next boy I kiss. I want him to value & care about me. So this is me, not kissing any boys but really wishing I had one here with me to kiss. Like this post if you’d kiss me.

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Comment your favorite snack!! What makes that mouth water? 💦

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I’m 29 today does this mean I’m a milf?

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