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She's a legit boss, but y'all knew that. 🏆🏆🏆🏆 @sashabankswwe

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🐐 territory for @randyorton. #HIAC

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#AndNew 14-Time #WWEChampion, @randyorton! #HIAC

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@randyorton just sent @dmcintyrewwe straight to hell!!! #HIAC

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Tonight’s Main Event started off 🔥! @dmcintyrewwe and @randyorton aren’t playing by anyone’s rules... they’re here to tear each other apart. #HIAC

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@bobbylashley leaves #HIAC still your #USChampion, but is #RETRIBUTION done with #TheHurtBusiness?

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It’s BOSS TIME!!! @sashabankswwe is the new #SmackDown Women’s Champion! #HIAC

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OMG 😱 @mikethemiz is now Mr. #MITB thanks to @tucker_wwe betraying @otis_wwe! #HIAC

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For @jeffhardybrand, a guitar was always in the plan against @iameliaswwe #HIAC

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Behold your Tribal Chief, @romanreigns! #HIAC

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@uceyjucey, @realmickfoley, @wwe_murphy and more check in before #HIAC.

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Don’t ever disrespect Little Jimmy!! @ronkillings1 successful defends his 24/7 title! #HIAC

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